A great NYC addition for the foodies to enjoy in Dubai

We were hearing a lot of good reviews from the place and decided whether the hype is worth it or not… So we decided to go in for a midday snack because who doesn’t like more food!

Black Tap is a groovy joint tucked within the extravagant and glitzy Jumeirah Al Naseem hotel. The place is talked about so much and once we were there we knew why.

The atmosphere of the place is extremely energetic and full of life. It almost feels like a party with the trendy music playing in the background and the eccentric artsy murals adorning its walls. They have different seating areas as well. The outdoor area is surrounded by a lagoon and we did notice a sign to not feed the turtles. (Definitely heading back there to see the turtles that we missed the last time around)

The ambiance of the place is uber cool and fresh. It’s the perfect place for celebrations with family and friends. Though it might flush out all your savings but once in a while treating yourself to such delights can do no harm.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Brownie Points:

Outdoor Seating
Kid Friendly
Valet Parking

Bite Board:

1. Black Tap Wings [AED 42 – 6 pieces]: We chose the Spicy Korean Barbeque wings and with one bite we were in heaven. They were so good! Easily one of the best wings we’ve had till date. The sauce used was tangy to taste and the wings that were garnished with toasted sesame seeds were cooked to perfection. Be ready to have a lot of tissues or napkins at hand because eating this gets messy.


2. Idaho Fries with Salsa Verde Sauce [AED 27 + 6]: These potato fries were delicious and had that perfect crispy exterior. They had a nice golden colour and were seasoned well. We loved the portion size for this one. We chose salsa verde as our dip which is a green sauce dip that’s full of flavour.



3. Brooklyn Blackout [AED 69]: A chocolate blackout indeed! This one was a sight to drool at. A tall glass of chocolate shake with chocolate frosted rim that is topped with a chunky chocolate brownie chocolate and whipped cream. To top that it was drizzled with that delicious chocolate sauce. As soon as this arrived, we died and ended in chocolate heaven haha! Absolutely, worth the buck and a shot on your insta feed.



Shout out to our server Eric for making our experience at Black tap so wonderful. The staff were friendly and informative. They all had great energy and were available whenever we needed them.

Cash Outflow:
Definitely pricey but splurging once in a while is no harm!


For more details, visit Black Tap - Jumeirah Al Naseem Hotel Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
Of course, we have lots of shakes pending to be tried!

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