A hidden spot to enjoy Lebanese food and shisha while overlooking the JBR beach.

We were invited for a tasting by Double Tree Hilton to try out the new menu and went ahead for a lunch.

The moment you step in, you have this luxurious vibe with white and gold interiors, lavish seating, wine bottles stacked at one corner, open kitchen to see your food being made in front of you!



There is an outdoor seating as well where you get the view of the beach which is completely serene. In the evenings it would be a great spot to enjoy some shisha and have a fabulous sight of the beach. You have touches of green, with plant pots at each corner to get that calm and peaceful vibe!

The place is spacious and can easily accommodate large groups as well.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

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Kid Friendly

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1. Carob Cooler [AED 36]: A unique twist to a drink quite tasting like wine but made with dates. This tall glass served to us had a dark orange hue and tasted sweet and a first time for a date drink which won’t disappoint for sure.

2. Granada Rosa [AED 36]: The most vibrant red drink we’ve had that tasted absolutely delicious! It’s made of fresh pomegranate juice with a mix of lemon. The sweet and sour balance was definitely on point with this one. A must have at this place.


3. Zaatar and Lemon Soda [AED 36]: This was a miss for us since we like zaatar in limited quantities, this being an overdose of zaatar and very little of lemonade did not appeal to us as we thought when the combination was explained.

4. Qamardin Crush [AED 36]: This is the only drink which didn’t quite impress us. Made with Apricots, essence and dates as well, this had a bitter aftertaste which didn’t quite go well with all the cold mezzeh we munched on.



1. Pistachio Hummus [AED 32]: This was a brilliant combination of the regular hummus tweaked with pesto sauce and pistachio to bring out the green color and a healthier version as well. It tasted AMAZING! We fell in love with it from our first bite and would definitely head back again to try it out.

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If you ask us, what was our favorite dish, #hummus say, it was this one! 🤣 What really blew our minds out 🤯 was this dish of amazing, and we mean AH-MAZING, hummus! Not your ordinary hummus, and why you ask? 🤔 Well, this one had a perfect blend of pesto (omg yum!) and #pistachio, for that gorgeous nutty creamy tasty goodness 😍 We loved how this dish was totally amped up a notch with this interesting twist of flavors. A definite must try. Totally scrumptious and scavenger approved 🙋 Swipe for some more fabulous offers at @almaeda_restaurant located in @doubletreebyhiltonjumeirah at @jbr_official . . . . . . #coldmezze #pistachiohummus #newmenu #almaeda #doubletreebyhilton #jbr #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #dubaibloggers #dubaiinfluencers #eeeeeats #foodbloggers #instalike #localguides #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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2. Beetroot Mutabal [AED 32]: We would recommend this dish only for hardcore beetroot fans. Basically a classic mutabel with a twist of beetroot. A spoonful of this tasted like literally eating a spoon of shredded beetroot paste. Was quite interesting for us to try it for the first time.

3. Ganoush [AED 29]: Eggplant and chili ever heard of the combination, we don’t think so! So here was our first time trying a mutabal with a spicy twist. The ingredients were blended well but sadly it did not match our taste buds.


4. Kingfish Pistachio [AED 56]: An interesting combination of tender pieces of kingfish on a bed of eggplant puree. We loved this one! And for the seafood lovers out there, you’ve got to try this. The kingfish was juicy and cooked perfectly. It tasted even better when paired with the creamy and fresh eggplant puree.

5. Tabouleh Malfouf [AED 32]: Another dish being improvised on, as there is no Lebanese cuisine without a tabouleh. The interesting part is that the salad has parsley, shredded cabbage and crushed wheat added to the dish to make it even healthier than it already is as well as bring out some different flavors while at it. We definitely loved the fresh and light texture of the salad.

6. Bourghul [AED 56]: Something we’ve never tried before. It’s an interesting dish with was presented quite well. Small cuts of fresh tuna served alongside a mix of diced tomatoes. We weren’t a fan of this as the tuna came with a raw center which didn’t sit well with us.


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Here's a little snippet 👀 of our visit to the one and only @almaeda_restaurant! 😄 Fabulous interiors, great views, amazing food and awesome drinks 🍸, pretty much summarizes our takeaway points for this hot spot💃 Located at @doubletreebyhiltonjumeirah in @jbr_official, this places serves up some delicious Arabic/Mediterranean food 🤤 which includes your kebabs, hummus, mutabel, cheese sambuseks 🔥 and the like, with a twist of their own to some of these dishes! Yummers! 😍 Alert! 💥 They also have #shisha here, so that's a plus for all you shisha fans out there! 🤩 . ✨Swipe to view some of their amazing deals✨ . . . . . #coldmezze #pistachiohummus #beetrootmutabal #ganoush #kingfishpistachio #tabouleh #bourghul #hotmezze #cheeserekakat #cheesesambouseh #kibbeh #meatsambouseh #arabicbread #almaeda #doubletreebyhilton #jbr #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #dubaibloggers #dubaiinfluencers #flatlaygoals #foodbloggers #instalike #localguides #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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1. Cheese Rekakat, Cheese Sambouseh, Kibbeh, Meat Sambouseh: These classic beauties were fabulous. The sambuseks had a perfect crispy dough exterior, which gave way to the hot cheesy goodness with every bite. The rekakat was also very well done. The kibbeh were perfectly made having a crunch to it with the minced meat. Overall, a platter not to be missed out on.



1. Jumbo Prawns [AED 122]: This dish was the winner of the spread! The prawns were, large, fresh and delicious. We loved the marinade in which the prawns were cooked in. A definite must try here.

2. Mix Grill [AED 129]: A platter with a skewer of shish taouk, beef kebab and lamb kebab. The shish taouk was juicy and cooked well. We loved the tenderness of the chicken. The lamb kebab was well marinated and perfectly grilled.


1. Potato Harra [AED 22]: We are absolutely in love with the spicy potato harra as a side dish with garnished chopped coriander. We tried it with the dips we were offered which were garlic, avocado, and tomato based and they all tasted so so good.

2. Frikkih [AED 22]: This was our first time trying barley and this combination so we found it a bit bland. But to counter all the calories intake and the meaty grills, this dish definitely balances it out and is a healthy side or an end to your meal.



1. Basbousa Cheesecake: A dome of white chocolate poured with raspberry syrup to reveal a knefeh cheesecake which was quite delicious! The crispy biscuit base with knefeh flavor and the white chocolate was a hit amongst us! We loved how the dessert was not too sweet and had just the right amount of sugar for our liking.

2. Chocolate Mousse: The chocolate mousse on an overall was average according to us. The chocolate was pure goodness, perfect blend of dark and milk chocolate, which tasted delicious with the biscuit layer at the bottom. However, we weren’t big fans of the topping to the mousse.


We had the Manager Mr. Mohamed Lamie attend us personally which were honored with. He made sure we had a great time. We also had the executive head chef and ask us how the meal was, which was another great touch we got.


There is a live cooking station where you can see the chefs in action bringing the best of their expertise in front of your eyes. We were too immersed by the outdoor views and missed out on the opportunity but will be heading back to enjoy the experience for another time.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are on the higher scale, but there are offers to be availed which could make it a bit more appealing.


For more details, visit Al Maeda - DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Dubai Jumeirah Beach Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
We would be heading by to try out the Shisha and the cheese rekakats!

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