The ultimate place to satisfy your grill cravings!

We were invited by Hyperlinks Media to try out the food and went ahead for a lovely dinner.

A true hidden gem imbedded here in Sharjah! The restaurant is so lovely with such homely vibes. It’s quite spacious inside with bright lighting and authentic paintings and portraits adorning the walls.


It’s a wonderful place for a family lunch or dinner as the food here is fantastic and great portions too. Also an extra point for the hospitality.


The cuisine served here clearly has an Afghani and Pakistani influence and we’ve never enjoyed these cuisines as much as we did here at Kabab Bazaar.


Rating: 9 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board


1. Lemon and Mint [AED 10]: The drink was refreshing but slightly overpowered by the mint flavor. Some work is required to get the right balance between both the ingredients.


2. Orange Juice [AED 10]: The most fresh and refreshing orange juice we’ve had. Served to us in a mason jar, sipping on this was an absolute delight.



1. Chicken Corn Soup [AED 10]: This is served complimentary to all the customers. A nice tasty thick warm bowl of chicken soup. You can never go wrong with chicken soup and at Kabab Bazaar they did exactly that.


2. Cheese Naan [AED 8]: This was a highlight of our meal. The naan could be tried by itself or with curries. We had it just like that and were definitely impressed with the cheese oozing out and melting in our mouths. The cheese was equally spread on the naan making it really delicious and flavorful.



1. Mix Grill 4 [AED 38]: A heavenly meaty platter of chicken mint boti which had a lovely minty marination, chicken malai boti that’s creamy and delicious, Afghani beef Kabab which was juicy and cooked perfectly, Afghani chicken Kabab that’s was flavourful and cooked well, chicken red and white boti which were again lovely and had a flavourful marination which was really delicious. This platter has been one of the best platters we’ve had so far. Loved the portions and variety offered and the consistency with the quality and flavor. Definitely recommend this one.

2. Lahori Chicken Biryani [AED 16]: Our favourite biryani, hands down! The chicken was cooked to perfection and had that fall off the bone tenderness and the rice was so flavourful. One spoon of this isn’t enough. You won’t stop until the whole plate is empty and that’s exactly what we did.


3. Chicken Peshawari Karahai [AED 18 – small]: An absolute treat to eat. The flavour of the tomato based gravy, the pepper and the mix of spices was just amazing. It went super well with our garlic naan too. A must try here.


4. Chicken Karahi Lahori [AED 18 – small]: Another flavorful dish with juicy chunks of chicken. The green chilis along with the tomato base ramped up the spice scale making it a great combination to have the garlic naan with.


5. Garlic Naan [AED 5]: Soft and fluffy naan with the perfect garlic flavour. We could eat these all day long. They were that good!



1. Kulfi [AED 6]: Yummy, creamy and kulfilicious. We enjoyed binging on this. It wasn’t served on the traditional way I.e. On a stick but instead were sliced into pieces. We found it to be a little icy bug nevertheless it was delicious.

2. Gulab Jamun [AED 4 -2 pieces]: Looking at the price you would be shocked! We have not found a place with similar pricing and quantity so far. But only disappointment for us was that the jamun had a cake feel to it, rather than the hot warm fluffy balls dipped in syrup! Though, it hit the right notes with the sweetness a little work on the right texture is required to make it the favorite dessert for the customers.

Mohamed Hassan did a great job of serving us. He made sure all the food was arrived in record time and had a friendly demeanor the whole time.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are very reasonably and definitely within the budget for the quantity and quality of food being offered. A killer deal is their grill options where you can pick from different grills that suits your appetite and wallet, now it can’t get any better than that!


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Circling Back:
We are surely coming back for that fabulous biryani!

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