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Founded in 2016, Yadawei is an open access studio dedicated to pottery and ceramic art. As part of developing and supporting their community of artists, they offer regular classes, one off workshops, talks by various artists, events and exhibitions. Their memberships are designed for all pottery artists. From enthusiasts with a basic knowledge of working with clay to expert craftsmen, everyone is welcome. Yadawei members become part of a creative community, and in their studio you get the chance to work independently in your own space, and at your own pace. And just in case you are a little unsure or out of practice, their skilled artists are always at hand to offer guidance and assistance. From abstract to sculptural design, Yadawei is a fun, inspiring space where the only limit is your imagination

We came across the studio’s Valentine’s Day special event scheduled for the 13th of February. The venue of the event was at the Yadawei Ceramic Studio itself, located in Al Quoz, right opposite Al Serkal Avenue. The event included a guided workshop to build pots, mugs, cups etc using clay via either hand modeling techniques or using the wheel. Over the two hours, the participants get to learn how to use the clay to make cups and pots as well as meet people who share the similar interests and the overall fee also included refreshments in the form of snacks and juices.

As we approached the studio in Al Quoz, we were a bit wary of the location given that it’s located in one of the warehouses in the AL Quoz industrial area. However, as we stepped in to the studio, it was like we were transported into another world all together! One side of the studio had the spinning wheels ready for use and on the other side there was several already built structures that were kept on shelves for drying and firing. The music that played at the studio was soft and perfectly suited the ambiance of the studio.

Our event was scheduled to start at 7:30 and go on to about 9:30. When we entered we were informed that we had to wait for one more couple to join us and then we would begin the event. Until then all of the participants were served several types of snacks such as, cheese sambuseks, Krispy Kreme donuts, biscuits etc and for juices we had choices among fruit cocktail, mango and orange juice.


Once all the couples had arrived and were ready to begin, our instructor, Ceren began explaining the various aspects of building a simple ceramic structure and how it can be done. She showed us a few examples of things which were already created by other artists that were in the studio for our understanding. Next, she asked each of us to grab an apron from the stand and to get ready to get hands on with our clay! We were super excited to get right into business! All of us were given one big lump of clay, which we were then taught, how to make a cup out of. Our instructor was perfect! She was calm and friendly and very warm and joyful. She carefully guided us through the steps to make our cups out of the clay ball.


Next, our instructor said we would move on the clay building process however instead of hand building, we would be using the wheel! So each couple got a wheel each and began the crafting process. Once again, Ceren guided us so well and even helped us out several times to make sure we were on the right track. She gave us some tricks and tips to help us build our structures.



At the beginning of the event, Ceren also mentioned to us that, being the event under the theme of Valentine’s Day, there would be a small competition amongst all the couples and the team with the best structure, be it cups or mugs or bowls etc, would win! Also, the winning team would get a full refund of the fee they paid for the event!



This truly did charge us all up to perform to our full potential, and give our best shot at the modeling!!

On an overall view, the entire experience was so much fun and we were completely impressed by the amazing service and training given by our instructor, the food and refreshments provided to us, the incomparable joy we had building our first clay creations… It was all too good.

Cash Outflow:
The studio has its own pricing schemes which you can find on their website.



If you’re looking for a new activity that would peak your interest, how about a hand at ceramic clay building? Definitely worth a try! And the best place to give it shot would be at the lovely Yadawei Ceramic Studio!

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