A cafe to unwind yourself and reminisce on memories with friends and family.

We were invited for a bloggers meet by Vikas for a delightful lunch.


The moment you step in, the place speaks loud with its bright colors, quirky quotes and mismatched seating! It resonates with all foodies and who are passionate about street food as well. The time spent on the interiors can be seen and a fabulous job done with it. You have seating options from bar stools, to beans bags, to chairs.

It’s a popular hub for the residents in and around Karama to have a late lunch or an evening snack! The place is hustling and bustling each day as the morning comes and goes.

Rating: 7 Golden Nuggets

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1. Watermelon Kala Khatta: If you fancy a jaljeera, then this drink will be up your alley! A nice attempt at blending the flavors but we could not taste the watermelon and it was too sour for our taste buds.


2. Indian Ocean: We were not impressed with the drink as it was supposed to be mint flavored but all we got was colored water instead.


3. Aam Panna: A mango drink which we expected to be sweet was completely the opposite. Albeit the texture was perfect but they’ve added a spice twist to it which might be favoured by others by we weren’t too happy with it.

4. Rasgulla Shot: We love Rasgullas and when you serve it to us in a shot we’d chug till sundown and that’s what we did. Loved this one. Perfect sweetness and absolutely delicious.


5. Brownie Shot: A vanilla shake with slight drizzle of chocolate syrup and topped with a tiny piece of brownie. It tasted okay and we found nothing new.

6. Gulkand Shot: A rose flavoured drink that was nice as a refreshment. We aren’t big fans of gulkand so we found this to be just okay.


7. Masala Tea: Who doesn’t love Chai? Our masala Chai here was hot and steamy and tasted delicious. A perfect way to end the meal. Definitely recommend trying.


1. Fateh Ki Kachori: This ain’t your regular kachori with yoghurt and sev. A crisp biscuit base topped with mashed potato drizzled with green chutney to add some spice and surrounded with chopped tomatoes, onions and garnished with sev! These crackers are served on a cartwheel tray bringing the street food alive on a different level.

2. Jhal Muri: A Bengali speciality which is puffed rice mixed with mustard oil, chili, slices of onions and tomatoes and served wrapped in a cone shaped paper. It’s usually spicy and tangy which met our spice expectations perfectly.


3. Mini Vada Pav: The street food experience is incomplete without this world famous dish. Mashed potatoes deep fried in a batter to get you a round shaped golden colored stuffing with a hot green chili. These were made perfectly and tasted good.


4. Dal Pakwan Cups: For all the Mumbaians this would bring back memories. One of us being from Mumbai loved how it teleported us to India with the same taste being recreated. Kudos to the chef for it. Chana dal with imli and mint chutney adding the spicy tadka along with crisp bread makes for a perfect snack or a starter depending on which time you prefer to eat it.



1. Mithibai Grilled Sandwich: This one took us right back to the street stalks of Mumbai. It’s was cheesy with well seasoned veggies that’s sandwich between bread that’s grilled to perfection. In simpler terms, simply perfect.

2. Chau mean: The trend of indo Chinese continues with veg Hakka Noodles stir fried with green and red bell peppers, pepper powder and onions into the mix. We have tasted better ones before.

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Looking πŸ‘€ for a taste πŸ‘… of Aamchi #Mumbai right here in #Dubai? Then look no further coz @thebhukkadcafe all your sweet and savory cravings are taken care of πŸ™ŒπŸ». Be it the famous vada pav or the necessary pani puri or the always loved 😘 jaljeera, they have it all and don’t mind us πŸ‘­ when we say, this was one ☝️ fantastic feast! With a twist and a Mumbaiya tadka, presenting here the Chaumean with Chili chicken dripping in red sauce which was just how we liked it, tangy and spicy! Thank you @dubai.insiderr for the invite. . . . . . . #chaumean #chinesenoodles #thebhukkadcafe #bloggersmeet #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #coldturkeydxb #dubaibloggers #dubaiinfluencers #dubaireviewers #dubaifoodie #dubaifoodfest #eeeeeats #foodbloggers #f52grams #instalike #localguides #letsguide #timeoutdubai #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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1. Paan ice-cream: A lovely Paan flavoured ice cream that took us by surprise cause it was that good. The pan flavour is subtle and not too overpowering. Definitely worth a try.


2. Gulkand ice-cream: We didn’t like this one because the flavour of the rose was kind of a miss. It tasted pretty bland like an ordinary dairy based ice cream.

We found the service to be slow, but due to a large crowd it was difficult for the staff to handle the pressure.

Cash Outflow:
The price tips on the expensive side for the quantity being offered.


For more details, visit The Bhukkad Cafe Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
We will be back to try out other dishes we could not try this time around.

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