Re invent your dessert experiences at this molecular science-lab dessert bar.

We were invited by Beverly to a bloggers meet that was held at The Inventing Room. The one we visited was the newly opened branch located at La Mer, Jumeirah.

Inspired by Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory, the inventing room is a magical little place that’s out of this world. They have a craft fully curated quirky menu which enlists items like the Harry Potter butterbeer, charcoal waffle and the frozen chai karak to name a few.


What adds the va va voom factor to these desserts are ingredients like liquid nitrogen etc. This really does wonders to the desserts as it does not only add to the theatrics and an entertaining spectacle to the diners but also helps in elevating the texture of ice cream itself.


The counter where the desserts are made seems like a mad scientist lab and you can also find large liquid nitrogen canisters nearby too along with a brightly lit CAUTION sign. And to complete the look, you have smoke from the liquid nitrogen everywhere.


The interiors are well lit with some lovely hexagon shaped lightings above. Albeit the seating area is a little small but there’s enough room for passersby to grab a quick dessert. We do recommend visiting this place not just for its unique desserts but also for the dramatic smoke works that’s displayed while making them.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

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Bite Board:

1. Spicy Cheese Balls [AED 20]: AKA dragon breath spicy chips. These were delicious cheesy balls to munch on. Each one is surrounded with a smoky aura but that quickly wears off when it hits a certain temperature and is no longer frozen.


2. Really Really Cold Cheetos [AED 20]: AKA dragon breath cheesy chips. Similar to the cheese balls and it’s just as good too. The fun thing about this and with the cheese balls is that when you breathe out after popping one in, you blow smoke out of your mouth. Almost like smoking but not.

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Want to be a dragon 🐉 for a day and puff out #smokey 💨 breath?? Yes? Us 👭 too! That's why we had this #mystical Really, Really Cold Cheetos @theinventingroomae. And they weren't kidding about the really really #cold part. Cooled with some liquid nitrogen these frozen ❄️ treats are worth the theatrics 🤩! Head to @lamerdubai branch for some magical 🧙‍♀️ & impossible treats right in front of your eyes 👀! It was a #fun day with @brewteaful__ @azia_anzia and @hangoutwithhani 😄🙌🏻 . . . . . . #cheetos #theinventingroom #lamer #bloggersmeet #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #canonme #coldturkeydxb #dubaiinfluencers #dubaireviewer #eeeeeats #f52grams #foodbloggers #instalike #localguides #letsguide #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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3. Oreo Space Foam [AED 20]: This is one of our favourites. We ate this up in a matter of minutes. It’s quite simple and consists of cryosicle oreo foam that’s frozen with some oreo crumbs sprinkled on top. It was really yummy and a great snack to much on.


4. Cotton Candy Affogato [AED 25]: This one looked amazing with the blue candy floss and shot of espresso thats served with vanilla ice cream. We were a bit skeptical about the taste of this one but it did not disappoint. It was quite an exciting drink to have as we’re given some coffee to pour over the candy floss that disappears into the cup upon contact. The bitterness of the coffee was balanced with the sweetness from the floss. We really liked this too.

5. Frozen Chai Karak [AED 30]: A karak chai frappe served with pistachio pop rocks and exploding whipped cream. Not something we would like to try again. The taste of the chai wasn’t quite appetizing and overall it was a definite miss for us.

6. Frozen Donut Coffee [AED 30]: Great presentation with this one as it’s a coffee frappe with half of a glazed donut on top and of course some exploding whipped cream. It was a delectable drink that wasn’t too sweet nor too bitter. We liked this one better than its tea counterpart.

7. Harry Potter Butter Beer Float [AED 30]: Any Harry potter fans out there? If, yes? Then get a hold of this spectacular drink right off the books by J. K. Rowling herself. The making of the Butter Beer float turned us back into our 15 year old selves as we kept ogling at this creation which only belonged in our imaginations. The cream soda with butterscotch syrup was DELISH! Its topped with vanilla ice cream and some exploding whipped cream (whipped cream frozen from liquid nitrogen).


8. S’mores [AED 35]: Our favorite item on the menu. And Omg!! It’s so good. The best part you ask? Why the double chocolate cookies, of course! Yes, you read that correctly! It’s a double chocolate cookies sandwich with a vanilla ice cream filling and the of so good burnt marshmallow fluff. This one was an absolute treat to eat!

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Get a hold of this amazing 😉 #dessert 🍦🥪 @theinventingroomae. One bite into it and we 👭were already #craving 😗 for S'mores. This one is vanilla ice cream 🍨 with some burnt marshmallow sandwiched between two chewy and decadent double #chocolate cookies 🍪! Head to @lamerdubai for this and much more of their nitro desserts. #SIMPLYSCRUMPTIOUS . . . . . . #smores #icecreamsandwich #vanillaicecream #doublechocolatecookies #nitrogendesserts #theinventingroom #lamer #bbcgoodfoodmiddleeast #canonme #chocoholics #dubaiinfluencers #dessertbae #eeeeeats #f52grams #foodbloggers #instafood #instalike #localguides #thescrumptiousscavengers #zomatouae #mydubai

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9. Pistachio Macaron [AED 35]: The only sandwich we don’t mind eating everyday for the rest of our lives. A mouth-watering scoop of pistachio ice cream that’s sandwiched between two delicious pistachio meringue cookies that also has some pistachio pop rocks as garnish. This is a MUST have as you’ll only have to taste it for yourselves to know how awesome it really is.


10. Nutella Crème Brulee Crepes [AED 35]: A well put together dessert. The experience of watching them construct this was so much fun. The crepes were perfect and were filled with nutella and crème anglaise with a side of strawberry ice cream. And to add the nitro aspect of this dessert was the exploding whipped cream, which we couldn’t get enough of.


11. Mexican Fried Ice Cream [AED 35]: Definitely something we’ve not had before and so glad we got to finally taste it. The presentation was perfect and it tasted delicious! Its served in cup comprising of salted caramel ice cream which was creamy and oh so amazing with a coat of cinnamon tortilla crumbs (something we’ve not had before) that’s held together with waffle cone shards and chocolate sauce


12. Saffron Milkcake [AED 40]: This one surprised us all! Delicious piece of Saffron infused milk cake that was moist and tasted amazing. It’s served along with some saffron rose water foam, burnt Italian meringue on top and a nice creamy and smooth pistachio ice cream. We loved this one so much. Definitely one of the best milk cakes we’ve had as of yet.


13. Charcoal Waffle [AED 35]: Totally recommend this when visiting this place. Our undisputed winner amongst the all the desserts we’ve tried here. The charcoal waffle was simply delicious. Its served with a scoop of espresso ice cream, some maple syrup and exploding whipped cream which is made from using the liquid nitrogen.

Shout out to our server Davlat who despite being the only staff there made sure we got all our orders on time. He was friendly and quite informative about the whole dessert making process.


Cash Outflow:
Decent prices and it’s definitely worth every penny.


For more details, visit The Inventing Room Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
The desserts were delish and we will definitely be back to have a go at some of our favorites again.

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