A quaint Lebanese spot to sort your Arabic cravings.

Located Opposite Dubai London Hospital, Jumeirah Road, Dubai is a little arabian eatery serving some drool worthy falafels and some interesting arabic desserts with a lovely twist. We were so excited to try this out!

It’s one of the many outlets lined up on the Jumeirah road and you need to be carefully watching out for the yellow and pink colors to find the place.


Abu Jad is a cute little diner space where you get to enjoy some good quality food and yet feel right at home with its cozy vibes. You have both indoor and outdoor seating available. With the heat creeping back in Dubai we opted for the indoor seating.

We loved the vintage setting of the seating options with the classy chairs and sofas. The minimal look definitely gives off a warm and comfy vibe.

It’s a really small place, so if you are planning to go in large groups would be better to book in advance or call ahead of time.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Brownie Points

Outdoor Seating

Bite Board

1. Orange and Lemon Mint: Since it was a nice warm sunny day we opted for some light juices to accompany our meal and we’re quite pleased that we chose right. Both the drinks were fresh and complemented our meal.

2. Taboulet Abu Jad [AED 22]: A best seller dish that tasted fresh with a hint of lemon juice instead of the regular vinegar dressings found in Arabic cuisine. We found that the lemon is what made the dish really stand out from the Taboulet served at other restaurants. This one was exuding freshness. Definitely worth trying out!



3. Foul Abu Jad [AED 15]: Our first time trying this dish out so we weren’t sure what to expect. It’s a traditional dish made of fava beans, onions and a couple of other simple ingredients and of course some olive oil. It has a unique taste to it which we liked. It tastes more of home food which tend to make you feel full and content.



4. Hummus [AED 15]: One of our all time favorite items to try at any outlet serving Middle Eastern food. One just cannot complete an Arabic meal without having hummus. The hummus was the perfect blend of chickpeas and tahini with a dash of olive oil. So creamy and smooth, we totally devoured this in minutes. Only thing we wish was different is the bread served to us. If they were hot from the oven that would have made the combination just perfect!


5. Mutabal [AED 15]: A fresh and delicious aubergine based dip. This one served here is definitely on our list of best mutabal in town. It had an amazingly smooth texture with the right amount of tanginess and char that brings in that smoky flavor. Topped with a dash of olive oil and some pomegranate seeds, this one was simply perfection. Just writing about it is giving us some serious cravings to head back there! Absolutely, YUM!


6. Falafel [AED 12]: A plate of six crunchy, deep fried balls with a delicious stuffing that was packed with a lot of flavors. Along with the yoghurt dip, they were a perfect match and made for some yummy dose for us. They were hot and crispy and simply put, DELICIOUS!

7. Cheese Mana’eesh [AED 10]: The mana’eesh was soft but it lacked the cheese pull we were expecting but maybe that was because it had gone quite cold by the time we got to eat it. Also, it was kind of on the saltier side for one of us and we would have liked it better if came with a little more cheese.

8. Lotus Rice Pudding [AED 15]: A unique twist to an ordinary rice pudding. This was the highlight of our meal. The right amount of sweetness added from the crumbs of the lotus biscoff and the perfect texture of the pudding just made for an amazing recipe of a mind blowing dessert. We loved the combination and would definitely come back for some more of it.


9. Mouhalabieh [AED 15]: We’ve tried this at so many places but none have got the texture right like Abu Jad did. We enjoyed this Middle Eastern delicacy here. The dessert was so light and refreshing and has a lovely melt-in-the-mouth texture that’s quite pleasant to eat. It had the perfect amount of sweetness and the lovely garnish of pistachios and dry fruits made it even better.

10. Turkish Coffee [AED 15]: A richly brewed Turkish coffee that was strong and had the must-have foam when served. With a little sugar it was simply beautiful to taste. Paired with the classic cutlery this one was definitely one of the prettiest coffee presented to us. Just to let all the Turkish coffee newbies know when trying this delicacy is that it definitely scales towards the bitter side.

We had a great time due to the efficient service, and friendly staff that attended us.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are quite reasonable for being located in Jumeirah.


For more details, visit Abu Jad Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato!

Circling Back:
We shall be back to try out the shawarma and more of the lotus rice pudding that we completely enjoyed!

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