Popular local favorite for awesome Khaleeji food!

We were invited by Logma to visit their restaurant for a tasting.

A brand new outlet in a brand new location! Located in the New extension of Dubai Mall, Logma is situated in a far corner on the third floor. The layout, decor and style reflects the theme that Logma and its affiliate Sukkar carry on.


The woody decor with splashes of blues, whites, pinks and reds. We really like how they keep up with the Khaleeji theme. They have lovely light bulb lighting that hang from the ceiling in a very aesthetic way. Brownie Points for the music, they had lots of popular hit songs played but in an Arabic classical instrumental version.

Rating: 7 Golden Nuggets

Brownie Points:

Kid Friendly

Bite Board

1. Fries [AED 28]: Were great! Perfectly crisp and has a lot of flavor. We liked the spiciness and the seasonings. This dish reminded us of typical masala fries. There’s no cheesy drama in this one, just good ol’ crispy fries topped with masala seasoning and some chili.

2. Cheese Sambosa [AED 34]: A thin and light pastry pocket with a filling of Philadelphia cheese, oman chips and tabasco sauce. We liked the the thin pastry but we felt that the cheese used was too heavy to be enjoyed as an appetizer. We think if mozzarella cheese was used instead it would make for a delightful starter.


3. Chicken Shawarma [AED 35]: This was our absolute favorite. From the bread to the chicken to the stuffing and the presentation, it was all amazing! We loved the succulent flavor of the chicken and the marinade. The bread was beautiful. It had a crispy tasty flavor which we learnt to be a traditional Arabic bread called Khameer. Definitely a must try.


4. Logma Burger [AED 42]: Another favorite for the meat lovers. The beef patty was cooked to perfection topped with Logma sauce giving it a spicy flavor stuffed in the Khameer bread.


5. Chicken Machbous [AED 60]: A spicy biryani which would appease foodies who love their rice with a lot of ingredients. We prefer our biryani, simple and spicy and hence this was a miss for us. We felt like it was a minefield of spices with not one flavor standing out. We thought that the chicken was cooked well but didn’t blend well with biryani as it seemed to be made separately and added in later.



1. Jumeirah Blues [AED 34]: The drink was pretty bland. The only taste that stood out was the taste of soda. We couldn’t taste the mint at all. It definitely needs to be a little more sweeter. We would suggest they replace their soda with 7up so that the sweetness and soda is added to the drinks.

2. Passion of Arabia [AED 34]: A refreshing drink with our all time favorite passion fruit and chunks of pineapple pieces. It is known to be one of the best sellers as well.

3. Melon Breeze [AED 32]: This drink has been newly introduced and definitely was our favorite amongst all, it had the right balance between sweet and sour. It is made using sweet melon and passion fruit syrup with some mint leaves to garnish that tantalizes the taste buds and makes for a great palate cleanser as well.

4. Morrocan Tea [AED 24]: Always a classic choice here. We are huge fans of the morrocan tea here and in Sukkar. Perfect tastes of mint and slightly bitter, when served steaming hot, just perfect after that sweet ending to your meal.
Service: Our server was the lovely Rika. She was extremely attentive to our needs and also recommended what was most popular on the menu. The staff was very friendly and helpful.



1. Cookie Crumble [AED 47]: This dessert was a let down for us, since we have tried it at Sukkar previously. The chocolate sauce was lacking in the dish and hazelnuts were completely missing from the picture itself, which were added later but didn’t have that same appeal from what we were expecting out of the dish.


We were attended by Rika and her team who were warm and courteous. They made sure we had a good time.

Cash Outflow:
Probably some items do tip onto the higher end of the scale. However if you’re visiting for that lovely sandwich and drinks or just the desserts then that’s surely worth the buck!


For more details, visit Logma Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato !

Circling Back:
Yes surely! They have amazing sandwiches and teas.

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