A sheer paradise for the vegetarians!

We decided to try out them out since we had heard good things from our peers!

It’s a small cosy outlet with a rustic and wooden themed decor that merges well with the black and yellow themed seating!

There is a live kitchen concept where you can see your dishes getting made in front of you, which is another plus!

They have quirky quotes hung around the place and is piece of Mumbai streets brought into Dubai.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board

1. Strawberry Mojito [AED 13]: It was refreshing but it had a lot of syrup making it way too sweet, a little work with the ratio and it would be perfect!

2. Kokam [AED 13]: This was our favorite, it had the appropriate balance of sweet and sour just according to our taste.

3. Cheese Corn Balls [AED 23]: A signature dish. Deep fried with cheese and corn this was a miss for us!

4. Veg Crispy [AED 21]: They were crisp and flavorful, you can hear each other crunching and munching! One of our favorites that was wiped in few minutes of the dish appearing on the table.

5. Chinese Bhel [AED 19]: A pure relish for the spice lovers. Chopsuey noodles with hot sauce, onions and garnished with cheese and spring onions! A pure delight for the taste buds, a must try for sure.


6. Open Cheese Burst Pizza Dosa [AED 27]: This dish has been newly introduced a variation of the existing cheese burst dosa which has a thicker base. In this case, it has a thin base with tomato and cream giving it a spicy flavor. You can smell this dish from miles away with the amount of cheese that is loaded and is a sight for the cheese addicts. This aint your regular dosas but is equally amazing in taste.

7. Paneer Shashlik [AED 44]: A vegetable sizzler with saffron rice, stuffed capsicum and a side of fries. The paneer was soft and melted in our mouth! We loved the rice, it was flavorful and well prepared. The stuffed capsicum has a lentil filling which was something new that went well overall with the. You are served with bowl of extra curry along with it.

For all the sizzlers, the rice, fries and stuffed capsicum will be available, the main ingredient will differ based on the sizzler you choose.

8. Sizzling Brownie [AED 21]: A pool of chocolate surrounding the brownie made with a cashew base and topped of with a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream and garnished with nuts. The brownie was overcooked and had a burnt flavor, which made it a miss for us.

Note: All the portions served are good enough for sharing between 2-4 people easily!

We were attended by the owner, Mr. and Mrs. Jubail. They made sure we were comfortable and enjoyed our time.

Cash Outflow:
The pricing completely justifies the portions!


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Circling Back:
We shall be heading back soon to try out the Zini dosa!

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