Begin your sushi adventure with Moshi if you haven’t experienced your first sushi yet, and see for yourselves.

We were invited to try out their new menu and were pleased at seeing the new additions.

The hotel is located right opposite Citymax Hotels, behind Mall of the Emirates. It is a small but cozy and definitely a busy outlet at that because you can see people coming to have their lunch or snack at any time of the day, which proves its food quality!

Rating: 9 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board:


We tried the blue lagoon and pink lemonade that became a balm for us in this scorching heat.


1. Shrimp Dynamite: The perfect start to our meal. These were such a surprise. We expected it to be good but not this good! Coated in a delicious tangy sauce, these crispy shrimp bites are worth every penny!

2. Hot Lava: A modern fusion style maki roll with avocado and shrimp and coated with that lovely tangy sauce! The shrimp gave that extra crunch to every bite. All the elements were well balanced and made a hell of a delicious roll.


3. Moshi Dynamite: Each course was beautifully presented and this one was no exception. Another maki roll with crab stick, avocado and that delicious sauce we couldn’t get enough of. Its generously topped with fish roe that’s now one of our new favorite toppings!

4. Volcano: Another one of their fusion rolls. With a delicious crunchy piece of shrimp on top. The unique flavors that this dish had was exceptional and perfectly balanced. Everything here is just so so good!

5. Crazy Crab: Not a huge fan of crab but this one right here changed our minds! It has such an interesting flavor combinations. The crab meat was cooked perfectly and had that bite to it.

6. Air Rolls: Have you ever heard of chicken sushi? If you have, did you eat it with lettuce wrap instead. You’re in for a treat where you get creamy mayo with crisp chicken bite with soft green lettuce that just melts in your mouth and you cannot stop yourselves from eating more of them. Even better thing is that this dish is suitable for the calorie counters as well. So, its a WIN WIN for both ends!

7. Momo Platter: A plate with steamed asparagus and mushroom; chicken and mushroom along with fried chicken and chives served with two dips. You could try it with spicy chili or sesame sauce and both will taste amazing, we preferred the steamed options over the fried that went well along with the spicy dip. We being spice addicts, preferred the spicy sauce but the sesame dip was equally good as well.


1. Fried Ice-cream: On a mini skillet laid on a miniature wooden table comes a big ball of bread drizzled with caramel syrup and hidden with vanilla ice-cream. Our suggestion would be to include a layer of hot chocolate below and reduce the thickness of the bread to make it better.

2. Lotus and Nutella Maki: Overdose of chocolate and lotus with a customized carving of our name on a wooden board couldn’t have pleased us more. Just the sweet ending that one could imagine.


The servers have a smile on their face always and are very hospitable to all the customers. Our server Gibson did a wonderful job of making our visit memorable!

Cash Outflow:
For the quality and quantity, the pricing is completely justified and worth a try!


For more details, visit Moshi - Momo & Sushi Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato !

Circling Back:
A lot more than momos and sushi is what you can expect from this fusion eatery! A perfect place to introduce yourselves to sushi and it just keeps getting better. We will be back for more soon especially the dynamite shrimps, and the makis.

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