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Lined up among the famous lane of restaurants in the heart of Bur Dubai/Karama area is Rasoi Ghar. The restaurant is beautifully designed and has colorful Indian arts displayed at the entrance. It’s spacious and gives a customer the liberty to choose their preferred seating. One end is lined with tables and chairs and the other end gives the opportunity to sit like the locals in North India do, albeit on an elevated pillow on the ground.



They have been in UAE for quite a few years and have been titled as one of the best and affordable vegetarian thali’s in Dubai. They also cater to a lot of tourists looking for similar home cooked food away from home. Mainly offering Rajasthani and Gujarati cuisine; the best thing about it is unlimited food, what else do you need except for really full and happy tummies.

They have a unique three course thali which means you have starters, main course and desserts with refills just around the corner. Their top notch service is commendable with staff constantly attending to your needs. The servings are always piping hot. They also bring out a basin to wash your hands in at the end of the main course to spoil you with as they don’t want to disturb you from the food coma.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board


We were served with some refreshing Nimbu Sherbat to beat the heat, which was not too sour and was perfect. The chilled Masala Chaas (Buttermilk) kept coming till we were served with our thalis.


STARTERS- Served alongside the Spicy Green Mint Chutney and Sweet Dates Chutney


Dahi Baray: A classic dumpling made from dal and topped with masalas, lots of curd and cilantro but 3 times the usual size made this dish a winner for us and we wished we could eat more.

RG_Dahi Baray

Dabeli Dhokla: A unique dish where a famous Mumbai street food, Dabeli, has a special masala made out of peanuts, which is used as a filling between two staple Gujarati slices of Dhokla. We loved the concept and found this quite delicious.

Green Peas Ghugra: Somewhat on the lines of a samosa, but bite-sized and tasty with the spicy chutney, this we found to be average concept wise but delicious no doubt and a must try.

Malai Sheekh Kebab: We were quite skeptical to try this bite-sized slice of barbecued cottage cheese but it was a revelation. So very soft yet a smoky flavor, we just loved it but wish the serving would have been a bit bigger.



Garlic Naan: Always been a fan of garlic naan, this was a bit more crisp than we liked and would have liked a perfect balance of soft and crisp naan.

Poori: Well-cooked tiny bite-sized piping hot pooris.

Phulka/Chapati: For roti fans, there is plain roti too.



Mix Veg Tawa Bhaji: As the name suggests, cooked on a flat skillet, the vegetables were perfectly cooked and went well with the breads.

Methi Malai Mutter Paneer: For all the malai fans, this is a treat. Methi and peas, a super hit combo with their flavors complimenting each other. The paneer tasted good as it had absorbed the spices of the creamy gravy very nicely.

Aloo Rasawala: The star dish and our favorite, this just melted in our mouth. Going very well with the garlic naan, the potatoes were done well and tasted great.

Mix Kathol: A traditional Rajasthani dish, this mix vegetable sabzi didn’t impress us but was cooked well.

Marwadi Dal: For the spice lovers, this was perfectly seasoned. It can be paired with rice, poori or as have it as is and still be so good.

Gujarati Dal: A similar sweet version of the dal made often in Gujarat, all the folks missing this food will be reminded of home.

Marwadi Kadhi: The traditional Kadhi of North India but a less spicy version, this we found bland after tasting the spicy dal but taste wise was perfect had we tried this first.



Steamed Rice: Perfectly cooked and can be enjoyed with any of the dals.

Khichdi: Made traditionally with split green gram dal and rice occasionally. It is a healthy option to have as a side or a meal itself. They used ghee instead of oil to make it healthier.

Curd Rice: As small kids, we did enjoy curd rice and we did this time too. It wasn’t sour and slid right down our throats.

Veg Dum Pulao: A mixed vegetable rice cooked to perfection and getting the spices right, this was our clear favorite.



Malpua with Rabdi: Hands down the best dessert and the perfect end to our meal, this in itself was quite filling. Ghee infused small pancake with malai and dry fruits as a topping, this will transport you back to India.


Mango Shrikhand: An off-menu item for the day and if you are a fan of pudding and mangoes this one is for you. A bit sour and sweet at the same time, we found this to be refreshing and cooling to our palate.

Kaju Halwa: We didn’t find this as good as the other desserts offered. The cashew taste we found to be less and more of the flour taste was what we got instead.

We had a lot of servers attending to us but bonus points will be the Manager of Rasoi Ghar as well as CEO of Socialism agency, Mr. Aravind attending to us personally.

Cash Outflow:
For the quality, quantity and being unlimited thali, the pricing is justified.


For more details, visit Rasoi Ghar Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato .

Circling Back:
We definitely are going back to try a different menu for a different day!

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