A home away from home for some authentic lip-smacking Hyderabadi delicacies!

We were invited for dinner in Ajman to try the food Deccan Delight had to offer and believe us when we say every minute spent on the journey was worth every morsel of food we had at this place!

Located in Al Rashidiya 2, Ajman, this place was a bit of a drive for us, but the travel seems trivial in comparison to the rich and flavorful food served here. The restaurant itself is quite spacious, perfect for a large gathering of friends or family. The walls are adorned with tidbits of historical facts about the cuisine served here.

Most of the dishes here are made using traditional methods which truly reflects in the food flavor as well as texture wise. All the spices used are authentic Hyderabadi spice mixes which is the reason why each bite was an explosion of flavors in our mouth.

The place has a homely and warm atmosphere with musical hits from Coke Studio playing to make the dining experience even more pleasant. Last but not the least of the positives about this place is the staff. Hospitality here is top notch, the servers are humble and attentive and not to forget the owner Mr. Ali at the front of the house and the culinary genius Ms. Rida Mirza managing the show behind the scenes.

Brownie Points:
Home Delivery
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Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board


Deccan Delight Special: A welcome drink that had chunks of watermelon infused with rose water and sabza seeds. It was slightly on the sweeter side but a refreshing glass right after work!


Lemonade [AED 5]: Freshly squeezed lemon juice with the right balance of sweetness. The strawberries added to the mix makes it for a good detox drink as well. A good palate cleanser.


Shahi Haleem [AED 16]: We were a bit skeptical to try this because we were not fans of haleem to begin with but the haleem served here has taken us to the Haleem side! It is made without the use of any fancy gadgets but by hand which makes a world of a difference. You’ll have to taste it to believe it. Aromatic and rich and full of flavour, this meaty dish is a MUST at Deccan Delight.


Patthar Ka Gosht [AED 21]: We are sure all the MEAT eaters will fall in love with the dish. A Hyderabad special starter that is cooked on a slab of mountain stone. The marination takes two hours to get all those delicious flavors on point. Thin slices of lamb tossed with pepper, papaya and yoghurt are then grilled on the Deccan stone. The meat was tender and juicy served along with the mint dip that took the whole dish to another level. It had the perfect spice level and too good that we could have just the meat as a whole meal. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT TRYING IT! Thank us later, once you’re in love with it too.

DD_Pattar Ka Gosht

Fiery Chicken 65 [AED 16]: Sizzle, sizzle…. The chicken is served on a sizzler loaded with the spicy sauce and garnished with curry leaves. It was well cooked and just glided through our spoons. You don’t need no knife to crack this one.


Dum ka Murg [AED 15]: A rich and nutty gravy loaded with chunks of juicy chicken. The taste was simply fabulous and the secret behind that is the spices are brought from Hyderabad to maintain the authentic taste.

DD_Dum Ka Murgh

Shahi Gosht: This dish was newly introduced and is yet to come on the menu. For us we definitely would love to come back for more of it. The mutton was cooked so well and wrapped in a thick marinade of mint which made great difference to the flavor. This was another one of our favorites that we would love to come back for at Deccan Delight.

Tamatar ki chutney [AED 9.5]: This one is no ordinary chutney. We were taken aback with how basic it sounds but taste wise it’s anything but basic. A tomato based chutney with zesty undertones, a little tangy and full of flavour. It can be used as a dip or a side or even a main. With one taste you’ll be craving for more just like us right now.

DD_Tomato Chutney

Tandoori/Rumali Roti [AED 1.5]: Rumali roti is an extremely thin flatbread and can be paired with most of the gravy dishes. We paired ours with Tamatar ki chutney. Tandoori Roti is another Indian flatbread we enjoyed eating with Shahi Gosht. If you don’t want to load up on rice too much then these rotis would be the right choice.

Kacche Gosht Ki Dum Biryani [AED 18]: Pieces of lamb that are succulent as ever paired with an aromatic and perfectly cooked basmati rice is what you get with this biryani! The meat has that fall-off-the-bone tenderness which is what we look for in a good biryani. I’ve already discredited all the ‘Hyderabadi Biryanis’ I’ve had elsewhere in the past because the one served here is the real deal.



Double Ka Meetha [AED 8]: Bread has never tasted this good! This one is a royal indian dessert and you definitely feel like one while eating it too! Bread baked until crisp is then soaked in rich saffron infused milk with a garnish of almonds. You’re in for a treat with this one.

DD_Double Ka Meetha

Kaddu ki Kheer [AED 8]: This one will surprise you for sure! Its served cold and tastes amazing but guess what’s it made of? White pumpkin! This rich and creamy hyderabadi classic is one of kind. A perfect way to end your meal.

The staff here are on their A game! They were attentive to our every need and quite hospitable. We received an exquisite service and truly enjoyed our experience here.

Cash Outflow:
You’re in for a great deal here! The prices are reasonable and with the quality of the food as well as the generous portion size one can say this place is worth every penny spent.


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Circling Back:
Ofcourse! We’ve already marked our calendars for our next trip to a little piece of Hyderabad in Ajman.

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