Where friends can meat out!

We wanted to end our weekend on a meat note so decided to settle in for an early dinner.

The entrance is what roped us in… A cleaver as door handles, so you know what to expect beforehand, and OFCOURSE loads and loads of meat!!


Then have few quirky quotes at each corner of the restaurant.

An open wooden brick fire pit right in the middle, with a clay oven and barbecue grills.

Atmosfire_Clay Oven

The seating is comfy with sofas or you can get yourself one step closer to your food with the tabletop counters.


Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board:

There are two options for your mojito cravings. One is the Persian Shrubs and the other fresh lemonades. We being curious about the Shrubs decided to try them.


Shrubs has been around for a long time since the 15th century as a persian drink and have been newly introduced in Dubai. They are a combination of sparkling water from New Zealand a fruits and vegetables smashed into a concentrated syrup.

1. Juniper Pink Grapefruit [AED 40]: A sweet and sour drink with a fresh slice of grapefruit. A combination of grapefruit, rosemary and juniper berries. This tasted unique and refreshing, a good palate cleanser as well. The serving portion is enough to last you three cups.

Atmosfire_Pink Juniper Grapefruit

2. Red Berries [AED 40]: A unique concoction of strawberries, raspberries and a hint of vanilla bean. The rich red colour and its strong fruity flavour was something we weren’t expecting at all. Anyone on a lookout for something strong but non-alcoholic then this is the drink for you!

Atmosfire_Red Berries

Explore the PIT [AED 225]: This includes an appetizer, mains, sides, and sauces.


1. Chicken Yakitori: Atmosfire truly did justice to this popular japanese street food. The chicken was succulent as ever and grilled to perfection with a glaze of sweet soy that gave it an extra edge. The miso corn paste was just perfect and complimented the chicken superbly.

Atmosfire_Chicken Yakitori

2. Sticky Angus Rib Meat: This beauty on a silver platter is a dream come true. Tender portions of rib with hot pepper salsa something different. We assumed the dish to be a bit spicy with the salsa but nonetheless it definitely won our hearts with the quality and perfectly cooked meat.



1. Asada Grill: This was heavenly! Beef brisket that’s so tender and juicy. This is the stuff we dream about! We strongly recommend trying this. The Chimichurri sauce just brought the whole dish together. We couldn’t get enough of it.

2. Fire Pit: Grilled chicken is everyone’s go-to meal but Atmosfire has taken it to another level. The chicken is juicy and full of flavour along with its charred skin which was crispy and delicious. The roasted pineapple salsa paired balanced the dish quite well. Cautionary note: this dish is a little on the sweet side tastewise.

Atmosfire_Fire Pit

3. Rabata Grill: Two skewers of lamb kebabs on a bed of pumpkin puree and shanklish cheese. The meat was cooked well and the pieces just slid through the skewers. Add a bit on the mushroom sauce and this is just pure heaven.
We picked creamy foraged mushroom and madagascar green pepper corn dips based on our server’s recommendation. We truly were satisfied and thought it was a great decision to get the suggestion.

Atmosfire_Rabata Grill


1. Fries: A bowl of long, thin crisp slices! Good Grills and fries is our version of happy meal!


2. Dirty Rice: This seemed to have an Indian touch to it, which we liked and went well with the mains too.

Atmosfire_Dirty Rice

3. Mashed Summer Squash, with chili toasted seeds: Guess we are not fans of squash so this didn’t match our tastebuds. Don’t go by our word, this could be just us and a great dish otherwise.


4. Garden Salad: A fresh and vibrant garden salad with chopped veggies and a lovely citrusy salad dressing. The perfect side to our meatilicious mains.



1. After Eight [AED 40]: The dish name being so vague made us wonder what’s it about and we decided to try it out. Damn, did we do a great choice, white chocolate mousse, with dark chocolate with glazed mint cubes. A paradise for the mint lovers.

Atmosfire_After Eight

2. Banana Mille Fuille [AED 35]: One of their best sellers and again based on the recommendation we dived straight into it. Christmas came early for us with this delicious and gorgeous dessert. Its light and the different textures is such a treat. A great way to end the meal.

Atmosfire_Banana Mille Fuille

Kudos to the whole team for making our visit such an amazing one. Special shout out to our server Von for giving the best recommendations.

Cash Outflow:
This is a bit on the high scale, mostly because its fine dining and located in Jumeirah the prices seems apt.


For more details, visit Atmosfire Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato.

Circling Back:
The meats and desserts totally wowed us and we are coming back for another round soon.

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