The long-awaited Eid Al Adha holiday weekend is finally around the corner and we got some serious discussion to do regarding the top 5 Biryani havens in UAE. For us holidays are to be spent with family or close friends, playing games and sharing stories filled with joy and laughter and of course, this would be around a table of delicious food.

Now what’s a dish that’s delicious, never gets old and can be enjoyed with a large group of people? We got it, it’s the classic BIRYANI! From its aromatic and perfectly cooked basmati rice to its rich and exotic spices and the succulent and tender meat be it mutton, chicken or even seafood – Biryani is the epitome of celebration food and for this Eid we have curated our top five spots for some delicious biryani!

1. Deccan Delight – Shahi Gosht Biryani:

Pieces of lamb that are succulent as ever. The meat has that fall-off-the-bone tenderness which is what we look for in a good biryani. The masala game is on point! Here the biryani isn’t the only best thing about this place. Give their Haleem and Patthar ka gosht a try and you’ll be thanking us later.

Price: AED 40
Portion size: 2-3 persons
Location: Sheikh Nuaimy Building – Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed St – Ajman
Contact: 06 768 2220

2. Kabab Bazar – Chicken biryani:

This place is a meat paradise and they also have one of the best biryanis we’ve had. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the rice was so flavorful. One spoon of this isn’t enough. You won’t stop until the whole plate is empty and that’s exactly what we did! One comes to this place for the biryani and stays for the grills cause they have it all!

Price: AED 22
Portion size: 1-2 persons
Location: Opposite Radisson Blu Resort, Corniche Road, Al Mujjarah, Sharjah
Contact: 06 5215535

3. Saif Restaurant – Mutton Biryani

We had a takeout done from this place and boy oh boy! This one is good! We love it when restaurants don’t hold back on the spices especially when it comes to classic dishes like a Hyderabadi biryani and this place definitely does justice to the dish! Be it chicken or mutton you’ll be talking about this biryani until you’re here again for a second round.

Price: AED 17
Portion size: 1-2 persons
Location: Opposite Hor Al Anz Mosque, Hor Al Anz, Dubai
Contact: 04 2662811, 055 9282811

4. Ana Restaurant – Prawn Biryani

This isn’t your regular biryani that could be found anywhere in Dubai. The only Emirati restaurant that made its way to our hearts and this list with the great taste and presentation. The biryani was infused with Arabic spices and layered with juicy prawns that were cooked to perfection.

Price: AED 83
Portion size: 1-2 persons
Location: Level 1, Near Waterfall, The Dubai Mall, Downtown Dubai
Contact: 04 3882313

5. Jaffer Bhai – Mutton/ Chicken Biryani

This is a popular biryani spot that’s on everyone’s list and is on ours as well! The biryani here is drool worthy! From its aroma to the perfectly cooked rice and the delicious juicy chunks of chicken ..this is biryani paradise!

Price: AED 34
Portion size: 1-2 people
Location: Opposite Karama Civil Defence City, Near Karama Post Office, Za’abeel Road, Al Karama, Dubai
Contact: 04 3426467, 055 8605908

These are our picks so far for the best biryani’s in town.

We’re still on a hunt hence the name 😛 Tag us @thescrumptiousscavengers and tell us all about your experience at any of the above places or if you have a place which you feel tops the ones above do let us know and we’ll be heading there next!

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