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On an early Friday morning, we made our way towards the café to get our morning dose of caffeine and energy.

A chic café located along the street with quirky interiors, a snap wall with polaroid shots of all the customers who have visited the outlet. From flooring to the décor everything was impressive. A perfect spot to relax and catch up with friends.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board


Hot Chocolate [AED 26.25]: What better way to start the day, then having a warm mug of chocolate milk in your hand, a banquet of food around you and some great company to share the feast with.

Chilled Pistachio Latte [AED 26.25]: This was our first time trying a flavoured latte, and it didn’t disappoint us. You could enjoy the aroma of pistachio and coffee to wake those snoozes and get ready to face the world.

Chilled Mocha [AED 24.15]: The perfect chilled coffee dose, just how we like it. Not too strong, this felt like a nice wake-up drink to accompany our breakfast!

Chocolate Shake [AED 21]: A thick chocolate shake garnished with vanilla ice-cream sandwiches and drizzles of chocolate sauce. Overall, a nice drink for the summers to cool you down.

Karak Tea [AED 16]: Since we had this directly after the French Toast, we initially found it less sweet. Eventually, we found it way too sweet than we would have liked it to be. Our suggestion would be to provide the sugar on the side, so everyone can adjust the sweetness accordingly. Love the presentation with the regal kettle and glasses making it seem like an upscale experience.


Traditional Shakshuka [AED 42]: We normally prefer ours with poached eggs but the one served to us was scrambled. It’s one of our favorite breakfast option and the one served here was just right! It was well seasoned with a lovely tangy tomato base along with arabic bread.

Eighties_Scramble Cheesy

Scramble Cheesy [AED 42]: Just how scrambled eggs should be and add some grated cheese on top. There wasn’t anything unique about this dish and tasted average too.

Eighties_Hilldog Gravy

Hilldog Gravy [AED 42]: Who would of thought, instead of your regular hotdogs, you could use them in a gravy and eat it with Arabic bread. The curry was spicy just the way we like it and the dish a total winner for us.

Dynamite Shrimp [AED 42]: Juicy shrimps packed with heat to tantalize your palates. Only thing we felt that the portion was a bit too small for the price.

Chili Fries with Cheetos [AED 39.90]: We believe Cheetos makes everything much spicier and tastier and this didn’t disappoint either. The Cheetos topped on the fries with loads of cheese and jalapenos, just made our day start on a spicy note!

Pink Cheetos Pasta [AED 50.40]: A regular veggie pasta that comes with Cheetos on the side. The pasta tasted average and lacked the cheesy, creamy texture and also a bit of salt. After adding the Cheetos, the flavours got balanced, but all in all, nothing impressive about this one.


Classic French Toast [AED 47.25]: This was a delight to our taste buds. We wished we could have dug in this hot toast sooner, but alas blogger woes! It had the right amount of sweetness, but we would have preferred to have some more maple syrup and whipped cream on the side because its not a crime to have a sweet tooth!

Crazy 80’s [AED 47.25]: Quite like its name, this was a crazy combination of popcorn, marshmallows, brownie and ice cream with a generous drizzle of chocolate. Being a lot on the sweeter side, this was average in the end and the softened popcorn was a let-down. In the taste department, the marshmallow and the chocolate drizzle with ice cream combined with brownies was a perfect dessert, for one hungry tummy!

The servers are on their toes and the service is quick. They have a smile on their face throughout the day which increases the positive vibes in the air.

Cash Outflow:
No doubt the food is of top-notch quality, but we felt it to be slightly overpriced for the quantity being served.


Circling Back:
We shall make another round soon for the shaksukha and the French toast.

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