A flavorful journey to Asia!

After all the talk, we finally got the chance to visit the restaurant this weekend. Totally worth the travel!

It has adapted the whole Chinese dΓ©cor from the gong at the entrance, to the seating arrangements. Each corner has a piece that will make you feel you’re enjoying the vibe of #China. The lighting emits a casual vibe, making it an apt location for friends and family. The music played in the background are trendy hits which is in contrast to the decor but we ain’t complaining. Overall this place has got great vibes.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets


Previously known as Genghis Grill which had the concept of the #Mongolian ruling who took over the in 13th Century in China now revamped as Mings Chamber.

You will find that Mings Chamber caters to all #Asians including Chinese, Indonesian, Filipino, Korean, Singapore and Japanese. With the Indo-Chinese dishes being on trend they also cater to every other nationality. Now you wouldn’t find a menu so diverse catering to everyone who has something Chinese in their mind!

Bite Board


We tried the lychee mojito and the root berry smash. Both were refreshing and our favorites too. We liked how the server mentioned that which of the drinks were fresh and which were not, bonus points from us on that. This goes in sync with the Mings logo which represents honesty and loyalty towards their customers.


MC_Yaki Gyoza

Yaki Gyoza [AED 32]: You can get them pan fried or steamed. We decided to get them pan fried and thought we made an amazing decision. One bite and the dumpling just melts in your mouth.

Prawn and Chicken Poyang [AED 36]: A complete delight for all the spice addicts. Juicy pieces of steamed dumplings with a filling of chicken and prawn served on a bed of schezwan sauce and garnished with scallions. Each morsel is just pure heaven. We are definitely going back for this one.

MC_Beef Bulgogi Bao

Beef Bulgogi Bao [AED 32]: The bao were so soft like we were eating pillows. We opted for the beef option which were grilled korean styled beef that was cooked to perfection and perfectly seasoned. Stuffed inside were vegetables which we felt was a bit overloaded.

MC_ Chicken Chili

Ming’s Chicken Chili [AED 35]: Our favorite wok option is this delicious stir fried chicken with onions and peppers and a yummy soy glaze. Its more of a dry item that makes for a great starter or side to pair with your rice/noodles.


Sweet & Sticky Chicken Wings [AED 32]: Every non-veg lovers weakness is a piece of succulent meat. That’s what you get with these wings, all you got to do is sink your teeth and enjoy the flavor bursting. We tried to find out the secret for such perfection but all we managed was to know that the process includes really good marination then deep fried and wok fried with the sauce that makes them irresistible. Now we know why they are known as the best seller too.

MC_Black Pepper Calamari

Black Pepper Calamari [AED 38]: Not a huge fan of calamari but the ones served here were deep fried to perfection. A crunchy and crisp exterior is what we look for in our calamari rings and we were served just that with a finger lickin seasoning of black pepper.

MC_Starters Flatlay


MC_Mains Flatlay

Taban Chicken Hot Pot [AED 45]: We were super excited to try this out. Served to us steaming hot this one is a bowl of spicy chicken pieces with loads of spices and garlic oil. Even though the flavors were just terrific, we found this to be a little too oily for our taste.

MC_ Hot Pot & Fried Rice

Egg Fried Rice [AED 35]: One of the classic staple dish that can be paired with almost anything. The rice was cooked well with a bunch of stir fried veggies, scallions and fried egg. Overall it tasted delicious and at times you could catch us enjoying it by itself as a whole.

Hunan Lamb Shank Stew [AED 60]: Another one of the signature dishes that is made with five distinct spices. It has star anise, cinnamon, Sichuan pepper, garlic and onions. The flavor is Indo-Chinese making it a superb dish for anyone to order. The meat was so well-cooked and had the off-the bone texture.


Ube Pudding [AED 24]: This was our out the box kind of dessert. We normally don’t go for ube but we’re glad we did here. Warm and smooth ube pudding served with vanilla cream is a dessert dream come true. The pudding was absolutely delicious. Just writing about it is giving us serious cravings so you get the idea of how good it is.


Dark Chocolate Brownie [AED 24]: Looks can be deceiving. Don’t judge the brownie, one bite and we were pleasantly surprised, with how the texture was warm and gooey that went perfectly along with the ice-cream. Just the way we like our brownies to be.

Our server Mr. Pam did a superb job of giving us insight into the background of the place and suggesting us the best-sellers on the menu. He made sure we had a great time at Mings.

Cash Outflow:
Complete value for money!

You can order them through their app TablezRewards and the best part about it is that there is no delivery charge and you receive 20% discount. Now if that isn’t a tempting deal then we don’t know what more could be offered.


Circling Back:
We cannot wait for a branch to open in Dubai, until then we shall plan another visit soon.

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