Piece of #Mumbai in Dubai

We decided to head for dinner after having the place on our list for long.

Over the top decor from rustic wall with #bollywood frames, artwork on the famous Amitabh and his dialogue to the local train. The whole place screams Mumbai from each corner be it the rickshaw at the cashier counter or the scooty for the seats. A casual place perfect for family and friends.

The place has been running for six months and seems to be doing well. It’s run by two sisters Rupali and Sharmili who are crazy about food especially #Maggi and #Pizza so do not be surprised to see a lot of dishes recreated with those key ingredients.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board

Soya Kheema Pav [AED 28]: An interesting take on the regular kheema pav. If we didn’t know beforehand it was vegetarian, would have never have figured it out either as the texture is exactly as the regular non-veg style. The soft buttered bread and soya kheema is our new favorite dish. Our only suggestion would be to serve an extra skewer of bread along with it.

KTMS_Danger Don

Danger Don [AED 15]: An upscaled vada pav with melted cheese and pizza flavors. It’s a nice twist but we prefer to stick with the classic vada pav. Also, we felt that the price was a bit high as well.

KTMS_Shahi Ravioli

Shahi Ravioli [AED 31]: A signature dish with an interesting combination. Your regular shahi curries used as a base and added ravioli with a filling of spinach and paneer. It tasted great but we would have liked some more paneer as there was ample of spinach that overpowered the dish. Also, only three raviolis for the price seems a bit too much. A change with the portion being served and we would purchase this dish in a heartbeat!

Jungli Fries [AED 26]: A hot-selling item that is famous with the new gen. Guess we haven’t caught up with the trend yet! The fries were crisp, but we were not a fan of having pizza toppings with our fries so this was a miss for us but do not disregard it on our account, try for yourselves and let us know.

KTMS_Chocolate Pani Puri

Chocolate Pani Puri [AED 12]: Chocolate coated wafers with paan filling. The paan taste was very mild so it was a nice combination but we have had better ones before.

The servers are friendly and warm.

Cash Outflow:
We felt the prices are a bit steep for the quantity being offered.


Circling Back:
For more of soya kheema pav definitely!

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