Time Travel into the Past!

We visited the restaurant with a group of fellow foodies to see whats the hype all about. Also, we had our eye on the place for a long time and could not wait any longer to find out what’s in store for us!

It is a small sized outlet with minimal but quirky decor that is grammable “INSTA-FRIENDLY ALERT”! The quote chatter on a platter is a small intro on how the place was founded.

It all started with two friends discussing on how the best value for money can be provided whilst offering the homely and street food taste in one go. That’s the reason their menu is short and sweet but completely worth trying everything because there is no compromise on the quality.

It is the right place for friends and family to catch up after their routine busy lifestyle, a venue where you can relax and de-stress!

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board

We started off the evening with the tadka chaas and orange-ale.

The tadka chaas was perfectly spiced, and tasted great. One of us totally loved the orange-ale, one sip and you begin with the orange juice and the after taste of the ginger ale makes it fizzy. For all those ginger ale fans, it is a must try.

OUAB_Amritsar Pind Chole

Amritsari Pindi Chole [AED 24]: The chole was the star dish for our vegetarian friends and one of them couldn’t stop eating the chole just by themselves, so you can imagine how good they tasted! There was no sharing is caring with this dish.

OUAB_Old Delhi Chicken Curry

Old Delhi Chicken Curry [AED 28]: The highlight of our evening. A rich creamy curry served with two chicken leg pieces. For the sides, you get laccha paratha and jeera rice. The combo is just too good! The parathas were fresh and had that homemade taste to them which took us down the memory lane when we were younger.

Chicken Pasta [AED 23]: A delicious serving of penne pasta with pink sauce served along with two pieces of garlic bread.

Noodle Roll [AED 19]: Something definitely out of the box! Kudos for creativity. We opted for the chicken roll. Stuffed with the every household’s staple Maggi noodles and chucks of we’ll cooked chicken although it seemed delicious taste wise we found it pretty average.

OUAB_Cheese Burst Maggi

Cheese Burst Maggi [AED 15]: We aren’t huge fans of Maggi like everyone else, so this was a miss for us but don’t stop on our account from getting your fill of this dish.

OUAB_ Punjabi Chili Sausage

Punjabi Chili Sausage [AED 15]: The word chili made us really excited to get our tastebuds tingling with spice. Alas, that did not happen and it felt like a bland stir fry.

OUAB_Brownie Choco Bliss

Brownie Choco Bliss [AED 20]: They’ve got their dessert game sorted with the options served to us . Lovely pieces of gooey brownie alongside a rich scoop of chocolate ice cream! While having this we were in bliss for sure!

OUAB_Caramel Delight

Caramel Delight [AED 20]: One can’t simply end a meal without any caramel in it. Pieces of cake with Caramel sauce and ice cream. If it were up to us we’d have this everyday!

OUAB_Shaadiwaali Coffee

Shaadiwali Coffee [AED 10]: We’re coffee addicts and would never pass up on a chance to have coffee. There’s a special way in how this coffee is made and once you get through the frothy layer on top the coffee is just amazing! Give it a shot, it worth it!

All the servers are friendly and warm. They were on their toes the whole time to make sure we had a great experience.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are very reasonable!


Circling Back:
We shall be back to try out more dishes soon!

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