Highway311 is a hidden gem serving authentic Latino cuisine.

We went with our foodie friend Hemangi to grab lunch on a weekend.

It is located on the promenade level which has amazing views that would be perfect for those late night casual meet-ups or dinner with the family. The moment you step into the place, it uplifts your mood with the positive vibes from the smiling staff, some lovely music to hum to and the intricate artwork that will put you in a blissful state. There is both indoor and outdoor seating but with the weather being warm we chose to dine indoors instead.

Also did we mention, there are board games you guys! We are a huge fan of such places hence extra brownie points for that. It makes the wait sweeter and keeps you distracted until the food comes to your table. For those whole followed our stories on Instagram would know we had a blast playing Pictionary.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board


Once seated, we were offered with complementary nachos and salsa which is just the perfect snack while perusing the menu and deciding our options.


Highway311_Chicha Morada

Chicha Morada [AED 18]: Now on the pictures it might look like we’re having a glass of red wine but in reality it is a non-alcoholic drink made of purple corn imported from Peru. In Peru, it is a tradition where they substitute a huge jar of Chicha Morada instead of water on the table while serving the meals.

Highway311_Orange Mojito

Orange Mojito [AED 15]: No fuss free, just fresh orange flavor with the right amount of sweetness. Initially, it felt a bit sweeter but once settled it had the right balance.

Anyone in the house who wants to enjoy some drinks and drive back completely sober? If that piqued your curiosity, do no waste a single minute and go visit Highway311 right away. They have a lot of interesting drinks which are usually based with alcohol but in this case you can enjoy them all since they have been recreated into mocktails.


Arepas Con Queso with Cheese [AED 30]: Corn Flour patties with a slice of cheese on top served along with dips. This is not meant for everyone as it takes a bit getting used to after which you’ll enjoy it. This is a specialty of Colombia.

Vegetarian Tacos [AED 24]: They are made in-house and on order basis so you get to experience the explosion of flavors. For those foodies out there, do not spend a lot of time clicking these delicious beauties since they are meant to be eaten warm or piping hot if you can handle it. What makes it special is the sour-cream which is so fresh (also made in-house). If you cannot believe us, then you got to try it out for yourselves, then do not forget to thank us later because we’ll be saying, “See? Told you so!”.

Highway311_Veg Quesadillas

Vegetable Quesadillas [AED 29]: The quesadillas were flowing with cheese but were not heavy on the stomach! Along with it there was a special sauce with bell peppers added to it that complemented the sour cream and was our another favorite.


Highway311_Arozz Con Pollo

Arroz Con Pollo [AED 39]: This is the Latin version of what our Asian’s favorite dish and that is none other than Biryani. It is usually made with meat and chicken stock but since we were vegetarians, the chef made prepared it with veg stock and veggies instead. We always appreciate the fact when the restaurant takes note of such minor details while serving the customers, it all adds up to a great experience.

Highway311_Tamales Cubanos

Tamales Cubanos [AED 35]: Tamales is made with corn dough and is a vegan option as well. It is steamed in banana leaves which is so similar to the Asian culture just different techniques with the cooking style. They come in three variants, you could opt for beef, chicken or veg. We opted for the veg one, again this dish needs a certain palette and is not meant for everyone. So if you’re an adventurous foodie do try it out.



Churros with Nutella [AED 19]: The server has named these as “Lazy Churros” since you do not have to do the hard work of dipping them in chocolate sauce, they have already filled the churros with Nutella. WARNING – the churros were super-hot so let them cool for a while unless you prefer the burnt tongue at the end! The churros were super flaky and light and with that crunch we are still drooling thinking about them. If we’re ever in the area will definitely not miss out on getting a plate or two!

Tres Leches [AED 18]: Now you guys know our obsession with milk cakes so when we say thi sis the best we have had so far, definitely it has something special in it. This is the authentic Latin version so we bet you will not find the same taste anywhere else in Dubai. The cake is so moist as well as dense that you will need a fork to glide into this heaven. The first bite and you’ll be amazed at the richness. Hands down the best part of our lunch and highly recommended to all the milk cake fans.

Kudos to Veer and his team who did a fabulous job of hosting us and making our experience a memorable one. They were so helpful with the suggestions when we were confused with the menu and explained everything in explicit detail.

Cash Outflow:
The pricing is very affordable for the quality of food being offered. If you’re still unsure then they are listed on Zomato Gold as well which should make the decision easier for you all.


Circling Back:
Why not we loved almost everything about the place, the desserts totally hooked us up and next time we shall be back to try the meat options.

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