The middle eastern’s go to spot is P.F. Changs for Dynamite Shrimp!

We were invited to celebrate P. F Chang’s 10-year anniversary with a lunch hosted by none other than P.F Chang’s co-founder Mr. Philip Chiang! It was a pleasure meeting and listening to his insights on food culture here in the Middle East. We were super pumped for what was in store for us here as they were also going to show case some dishes which weren’t even on the menu yet!

The atmosphere at every P. F Chang’s outlet is quite unique as it combines influences of Chinese and American cultures. The walls are adorned with hand-painted murals while several terra-cotta warriors stand guard by the entrance.

Their La Mer branch has a two-story outlet with enough room consisting of outdoor as well as indoor seating. The music is pleasant, and the vibe is relaxed. A dinner here with friends or family is more than just dinning out but a wholesome dining experience.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board

Dynamite Shrimps: The iconic dynamite shrimp did not disappoint. This tempura-battered masterpiece is what keeps everyone coming back to P. F Chang craving for more.

PFC_Chicken Dumplings

Chicken Dumplings: We were served with the steamed version of these drool worthy dumplings. The chicken was cooked perfectly and was full of flavorful juices. They also serve it with a chili sauce for that extra spicy kick.

PFC_Shrimp Tempural Roll

Shrimp tempura roll: We love sushi and this roll gave us more reasons to do so. It was perfectly made and from the taste of it you can tell that the ingredients used were super fresh. We loved the exterior of the crisped tempura shrimp and the sauce that combines it all was just yum!

PFC_Lobster Avocado Roll

Lobster Avocado Roll: Not as awesome as its shrimp counterpart but delicious enough to make its own place on the menu. We loved the avocado cover and the fresh lobster meat.

Spicy Korean Cheesy corn: This was a new item on the table and even though it looked skeptical one bite into it and you couldn’t stop yourself from going for seconds. Its super cheesy and creamy and at a spice level that just elevates the entire dish.

PFC_Mandarin Crunch Salad with Prawns

Mandarin Crunch Salad with Shrimp: A melee of tossed vegetables, chopped cabbage, chunks of mango and juicy shrimp. You’re in for a treat with this salad. I mean who said eating healthy was a bore when you get a salad like this.

PFC_Chicken Ceasar Salad

Ceasar Salad: Another amazing salad! And here we thought no one could convert us into liking salads. The chicken was cooked perfectly. It was juicy and the dressing was super light and delicious. The entire salad is topped with parmesan cheese which is a plus in our books.


PFC_Sesame Chicken

Sesame Chicken: Yet again another amazing dish! Juicy chunks of chicken are tossed alongside broccoli, bell peppers, onions in an iconic unique sauce and topped with a sprinkle of sesame seeds. I’m actually dreaming about another bite of this dish. It is a must try!

Mongolian Beef: Our showstopper of the day was this delicious caramelized beef dish with a sweet soy glaze and snipped green onion. The flavors were award worthy. If it were up to us we would have finished this in minutes.


PFC_Banana Spring Rolls

Banana Spring Rolls: Not our favorite dessert of the day but worth a try. We were served with warm crispy rolls of banana with a caramel drizzle and ice cream accompanied with slices of fresh strawberries.

PFC_Great Wall of Chocolate

The Great Wall of Chocolate: This slice of cake and ‘slice’ being an understatement can intimidate any choco-holic. It looks like its too good to be true but there you have it, a six layered rich chocolate cake separated with delicious chocolate frosting and chocolate chips. You must eat to believe it.

The service was great, and the servers were super lively. They were very attentive and available for all our needs.


Circling Back:
Oh hell yes! We can’t wait to order our top picks tried today again and share our experience with friends and family.

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