A family of cooks with no spoilt broth at Moreish!

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Imagine a place where everyone in the family be it mom, dad kids or the grandparents are demanding to be in the kitchen to weave their own recipe and share the meals with friends and family, who would not like to be a part of such family.

With food and music being a vital part of this family owned venture run by the mother-daughter duo, you will find there is a story behind each dish on the menu.

They have successfully completed 9 months and have been doing well. They chose to keep the previous name as they felt the name selected them and that is how their journey began with Moreish which means satisfied (Indian Word: Santusht) with the food. They go by the hashtag #Somemoreplease, and believe us when we say that you will end up saying the same thing once you have tried the food.

Another interesting thing we liked was how they did not want to be named a vegetarian restaurant only because they have innovative and fresh food which does not require a certain crowd of people to relish it. Why limit yourself when you can aim for the sky eh?

Recently, they have started a concept of community dinners where strangers come together to share a meal and leave the place being satisfied and acquainted with the food and of course the people around since nowadays you find every other person having conversations on the phone and not face to face. We thought it was a great initiative and brought a human touch to the place as well which is rarely found these days.

A small cafe located in the lanes of Oud Mehta with a cozy atmosphere being created with the dim lighting, bright blue walls and a record player to set the mood. You can ask them to play the music genre of your choice. The seating was limited with 4-6 tables with the same amount outdoor as well but since the weather was a bit humid we decided to dine in.


Bite Board

Moreish_Melon Sangria

Melon Sangria [AED 23]: Melon balls in a white grape lemon mint mojito. It was served in a scotch glass and we totally loved how pretty it looked. We are huge fans of the lemon mint combination and add to that some sweet melons, it made for quite a refreshing treat.

Water is served on the house, which is rare in Dubai.


Moreish_Pumpkin Soup

Roasted Pumpkin Soup [AED 21]: Usually we are not huge fans of pumpkin dishes, so we were a bit skeptical at first to give it a shot. But one spoon later it was so delicious that we could not resist ourselves from scraping the bowl clean to enjoy every bit of goodness. We would have loved it even more if it came along with bread-sticks. Also, we would definitely recommend this to people who are not fans of pumpkin either to discover a gem.

Moreish_Grilled Peach & Pesto Bruschetta

Grilled Peach & Pesto Bruscetta [AED 23]: An incentive to eat your greens well is this lovely combination of grilled peach drizzled with balsamic vinegar and pesto. Both the flavors complemented each other really well but was slightly on the sweeter side so it might not suit everyone’s palate.

Moreish_Pizza Bites

Two-Way Portobello Mushroom Pizza Bites [AED 25]: These little pizza bites were made in two styles the classic Italian and Tex Mex. We preferred the tex-mex as it was spicy which made our taste-buds sing.


Broccoli Say Cheese [AED 29]: A burger with broccoli patty grilled to perfection with a layer of cheese and some jalapenos (our favorite)! It comes along with seasoned fries and an in-house coleslaw made with purple cabbage.

Moreish_Polenta Steak

Polenta Steak [AED 33]: This was the star of the night because of its creamy pesto sauce which enhanced the polenta. We loved the sauce so much that we could not stop ourselves from getting another serving to enjoy it by itself, it was that good. The fight for this dish was over the top but for a good reason.

Brown Butter Mushroom Risotto [AED 35]: When two of our favorites come together in one dish, that makes very happy in this case it was the same. The risotto was prepared well and mushrooms were so juicy totally a winner for us.

FYI – the food was made without onion and garlic. You won’t be able to tell the difference and that my folks is how magic is created in the kitchen of Moreish.


Moreish_ParleG Tiramisu

Parle-G Tiramisu [AED 21]: The tiramisu has a biscuit texture and something different from the regular ones out there. This was one of the creations made by Bhavika for her friends and turned out to be it and now is available for of all of the people in Dubai to try.

Moreish_Chocolate Cake

Dark Chocolate and Sea Salt Ganache Cake [AED 21]: A dessert that is a must try even if you do not have anything else. Especially, meant for the dark chocolate lovers to indulge, this one is meant for you all. If you want something that will satiate your sweet-tooth and not give the sugar rush, then this cake is the answer to all prayers. The texture is smooth like butter with each bite melting in your mouth. One slice will not be enough to enjoy this delicacy.

Both the mom and daughter were present to make sure we have a memorable experience. The staff as courteous and quick on their feet.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are reasonable for the quality being offered.


Circling Back:
We shall be back for a second round of the chocolate cake.

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