Brunch in style right where you’re seated at Leopold’s of London!

We were invited to try out thier new brunch at the Mirdiff branch. Since, brunches and fridays go hand in hand in Dubai so we could not wait to experience it for ourselves.

The moment you make your way towards LOL, you have a coffee & tea counter setup, where you can have a brew of your choice and right next to them are thier delicious pastries lined up. There is a casual vibe and the dim lighting to enjoy your weekend. The seating is comfy which includes couches and chairs. It is perfect either way if you are part of a large group or planning a small affair, the cafe will suit your needs.

Rating: 7.5 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board

LOL launched a new concept for the brunch where the food comes to you instead of you walking around in circles deciding what to eat. Also, it is an unlimited brunch where you can keep refilling your plates with servings of the dish you like. The brunch is priced at AED 79 and is available on Fridays and Saturdays.

Drinks: There are options for strawberry and peach lemonade, fresh orange juice and water. We tried the orange juice and strawberry lemonade. Both the drinks were refreshing.

French Toast & Pancakes: A well-cooked french toast with a dash of cinnamon and topped with fresh berries served along with maple syrup. It was our favorite dish that we could not help ourselves from a second serving, YES THAT GOOD! The pancakes were fluffy and topped with raspberry sauce but were dry texture wise.

Choice of Eggs: There are two options where you could choose between a scrambled/boiled/fried egg or a mushroom omelette. We went for a scrambled egg that was served on top of a sourdough bread.

LOL_Breakfast Rosti

Breakfast Rosti: A platter with chili chickpeas, bacon, cherry tomatoes, mushrooms, roasted potatoes and sausages. Our friend was a huge fan of the chickpeas dish as it was something different and had an amazing flavor to it.

LOL_Red Quinoa Salad

Red Quinoa Salad: The combination of beetroot and quinoa was superb. Usually, we are not huge fans of quinoa but this totally changed our minds and we would not mind a repeat of it.


Moutabal: We could not taste this as there were no breads along with it. Our suggestion would be to add some arabic bread or bread-sticks in the future.

LOL_Tunisian Chicken Meatballs

Tunisian Chicken Meatballs: A bit different from the regular meatballs which usually involves red meat. These chicken meatballs had the right amount of spices and were cooked perfectly.

LOL_Prawn Penne Arrabbiata

Prawn Penne Arrabbiata: Since our friend was a vegetarian, we requested for the pasta without the prawns. The pasta was cooked well but we would have preferred the tomatoes to be slightly less, guess its just how the dish was and does not suit our palate.

LOL_Roasted Harissa Chicken

Roast Harissa Chicken: The dish would have been another one of our favorites if only the chicken was not too dry and too hard to cut through.


Desert Platter: It included carrot cake, red velvet cake and macarons. Both the cakes were soft and melted in your mouth but the macarons were a miss for us.

This is an aspect that needs to be worked on, the staff needed to be called multiple times to hear out our request.

Cash Outflow:
The price is quite reasonable for the unlimited brunch. They are also listed on Zomato Gold.


Circling Back:
We shall make another visit to try their desserts and coffee.

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