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Located in Warqa Mall, with glass door panes enlightening the place with sun beams and for those cozy evenings there is a dim lighting where you can chill with family and friends. A perfect place to catch up for the tea buffs. With wooden interiors and casual vibes, you can spend hours together and it would feel like minutes.

It was established in late 2017 and has been running successfully ever since. In 2018, they were awarded with the “Hidden Gem” title by Dubai Food Festival. Moving on, their menu was created to be customer driver rather than giving emphasis on the cuisine which is rare to find and we thought to share the fact. It caters to the Emiratis as well as the expat community in the UAE.

Rating: 9 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board


Green Machine [AED 29]: For the calorie conscious and health freaks, this is an apt drink made of different greens. A good detox for those who prefer it, unfortunately it was a miss for us since we did not have the palate for it. All the hungry souls on a diet, this could be meant for you all.

Berry Love [AED 29]: This was our favorite and show stopper amongst everyone on the table. The raspberry flavor with a smoothie texture was just what we needed to beat the heat. It was light and refreshing but be sure to shake it well before pouring the drink otherwise you’ll end up eating it as a puree which is not a great idea. Now we know why it is their hot selling item because the flavor is addicting, drink and find out to know what we are raving about.


CAC_Chicken Caesar Salad

Chicken Caesar Salad [AED 28]: Fresh lettuce with diced chicken slices generously dressed with mayo and cheese, what’s not to like.

CAC_Falafel Salad

Falafel Salad [AED 26]: Crisp falafel infused with beetroot was placed on a bed of lettuce, green leaves, and cucumbers. Something different from the regular salads and a nice option for the vegetarians.

Buffalo Chicken Wings [AED 36]: One of our weaknesses is we cannot resist chicken wings but since we are picky with our flavors, sadly buffalo sauce does not make the cut. Though the chicken was well marinated and made for a great starter who would enjoy the flavor. For those who like it by all means go ahead and order yourself a plate.

Stuffed Paratha [AED 29]: One of their best-seller. It was available with three options that is meat, potato, or egg. We tried the meat stuffed paratha which had a filling of minced lamb that was not too spicy and complemented the thin crisp paratha.

Cheese and Honey Paratha [AED 27]: An alternative for the vegetarian buddies in the group. A classic combination of cheese and honey, something you cannot go wrong with.

Both the parathas are available for breakfast, something which is common in most Asian houses is a breakfast ritual of paratha and tea which you can now relish at Chai and Co instead of making it at home.

CAC_Chicken Biryani

Chicken Biryani [AED 47]: The rice was flavorful and the best part was the tender boneless chicken, which is not a usual norm for the biryani. It came along with raita. We would have loved it, if the dish had packed a bite more heat but that’s just our take on it. The spice level was mild and could be enjoyed by those who have limited spice tolerance.

CAC_Chicken Pasta

Chicken Pasta [AED 39]: Alfredo sauce with penne pasta that would be enjoyed by the cheese lovers, since we prefer our food to be a bit spice we would have preferred some seasoning like chili flakes to go along with it. Both the chicken and pasta were well cooked.


Pistachio Milk Cake [AED 35]: With our new found love for pistachio, we are always ready for some new concoction with the flavor. Finally we found what we were looking for and it was a true delight. The cake was moist and there was enough milk to soak the cake and have the melt in your mouth experience.

CAC_Molten Lava Cake

Molten Lava Cake [AED 40]: All chocolate lovers cannot miss out on this delicacy. A well baked cake, with chocolate oozing at the centre paired with vanilla ice-cream was an utter bliss.

We ended our lunch with a masala karak [AED 12] because no meal would be complete without it at Chai And Co to resonate with the name. The tea is served in traditional matkas with two cookies on the side. If you’re looking for a gram worthy tea with herbs and just the right sweetness, do not forget to order one for yourself before leaving. The only thing we thought it was a tad bit over-priced for the portion.

The staff was friendly and ever ready to accommodate our requests.

Cash Outflow:
With few things on the menu, the prices are slightly over-priced but then with Zomato Gold, the whole experience should be a better one.


Circling Back:
We will be back for the pistachio milk cake and drop by whenever in the area.

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