Authentic Sri Lankan cuisine

We were invited by Aswathy to join her for lunch.

A small outlet that has recently opened up with decent spacing both indoors and outdoors. The decor was divided between the traditional design and graffiti at the other end which welcomes all cultures to try their food.

The outdoor seating has a staircase that leads you to a pool area where you can hold events, parties and gathering where the catering will be provided by the restaurant.

Rating: 7.5 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board


Drinks: We started off with a chocolate milkshake which was refreshing. We were suggested to try another drink named wood apple which was a Sri Lankan delicacy. Wood apples also go by the anme of elephant apples or monkey fruits. The flavors were similar to a overripe banana with a tinge of tartness. It would be a good detox drink but did not suit our palate.

CT_Short Eats

Short Eats: Since, there is no concept of starters in Sri Lanka, we were offered with deep fried snacks that are reasonably fried from AED 2 onwards. The platter had puff pastry, fish cutlets, pastries and rolls served with ketchup on the side. They are known for their deep fried dishes, so if you’re a seafood lover you will definitely find lots of options.


CT_Chicken Wings

Chicken Wings [AED 12]: The wings were grilled, seasoned with pepper and garnished with onions, not much to rave about.

Chicken Devilled [AED 23]: This was very similar to the chinese flavors of sweet and sour chicken. We would have preferred it, if the dish was boneless because there seemed to be less meat.

CT_Mutton Pepper

Mutton Pepper [AED 22]: Having heard that Sri Lankan cuisine is really spicy, we were expecting something more fiery but unfortunately this was not the case, considering the location the spices were really mild but could be customized according to your preferences. The meat was had a rubbery texture and was hard to eat.

Hoppers {AED 3]: The hoppers were similar to Kerala cuisine and went well along with the mutton pepper.

CT_Chicken Nasi Goreng

Chicken Nasi Goreng [AED 27]: There were options for rice and noodles. We picked the noodles and it came topped with a fried egg. Influenced by the Indonesian dish and cooked in Sri Lankan style nasi goreng has gained a lot of popularity over the years with its flavors. It was cooked well, but we have had better ones before.

The staff was friendly but the service was slow due to the focus on deliveries.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are reasonable as well as they are listed on Zomato Gold which makes it even better.


Circling Back:
We might come back once the place is settled and give it another chance.

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