Emirati fusion at its finest available at Ana Restaurant!

We went for a dinner during the Eid Holidays. Not a wise decision considering Dubai Mall was jam-packed but totally worth the experience, keep reading to find out why.

Located in Dubai Mall, this place defines elegance with its beautiful decor of white and golden tones. They have an outdoor deck that overlooks the fountain and downtown Dubai. The area would be wonderful during the winters or to enjoy a breakfast with a view. The seating was spacious regardless you come in two’s or large groups but preferably table booking is advised since the place is always busy.

Their menu was on an iPad showcasing their delicacies which will have you salivating. Each dis was fine tuned to have a balance of the conventional flavors and artistic finesse.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board

Ana_Passion Ale

We started off with a passion ale [AED 31] that was a mixture of passion fruit, orange and ginger ale. It had a citrus flavor and was garnished with a passion-fruit on top. It was a refreshing drink with the right amount of sweetness to it.


Hummus Harr [AED 27]: This was our favorite, your regular hummus with a twist of spice. It was made with jalapenos and coriander giving the light green hue and finally topped with olive oil, chickpeas and pretzels. A stunner to look at and was appetizing that it got over within minutes.

Dill Kashmiri: Enthused by the Indian street food, this was an absolute delight. A crisp dill bread stuffed with potatoes, chickpeas, and sprouts topped with yogurt and pomegranate seeds. The flavors were very similar to the Kachori chaat that all Asians would resonate with.

Puffy Pesto [AED 50]: Usually we are not fans of pesto sauce, but this dish totally changed our view. Flaky puffs with juicy chicken bites doused in the creamy pesto sauce and garnished with pine nuts, rocket leaves and thin fries. The dish was super light and made for a great starter.

Ana_Chicken Halloumi

Chicken Halloumi [AED 43]: One of us was a vegetarian, so we got this dish without the chicken. The sauce was delectable made of tomato base with garlic and cream tossed with halloumi and dressed with pomegranate syrup, pine nuts and rocket leaves. Another one of our favorites, must try!


Ana_Prawn Biryani

Prawn Biryani [AED 79]: The highlight of the evening for us, well cooked, flavorful rice and a generous amount of juicy prawns garnished with mint leaves, this will leave you craving for more.

Ana_Rosemary Lamb Chops

Rosemary Lamb Chops [AED 89]: Grilled lamb chops served with fries and rosemary dip on the side. The meat was succulent and the sauce was like a cherry on the top, needless to say we loved the combination.

Ana_Ana Penne

Ana Penne [AED 65]: We got the pasta without the chicken. Penne pasta cooked in a pink sauce and topped with broccoli.


Freeze Dance [AED 43]: With milk cakes trending this year, this cake was similar in some ways but has its own uniqueness as well. A fluffly vanilla sponge cake with a layer of milk sauce and cheese cream drizzled with chocolate sauce on top.


Yo Yo [AED 43]: Being coffeholics we could not resist ourselves from trying this dessert. A combination of coffee biscuit and custard served with an Arabic coffee sauce on the side. It was a blend of chocolate and coffee, two of our favorites so definitely it tasted like heaven for us.

Kudos to the chef and team for getting everything right, both presentation and taste wise.

The staff was friendly and made sure we had a memorable experience.

Cash Outflow:
The prices are on the higher side considering their target market is Emiratis but with the taste being offered it is definitely worth the buck.


Circling Back:
Cannot wait to come back for more of the Chicken Halloumi and Prawn Biryani!

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