Sliders and more at London Slide with no fuss!

We were looking for a reason to visit the Blue Waters Island and when we were invited to this newly opened restaurant, we could not say no! That’s how we explored both the new location and the restaurant.

Located right beneath the quintessential world’s tallest Ferris Wheel at Bluewaters showcasing a piece of London with its artistic decor created by rising artists.

There was an outdoor seating with shade but with the weather being too harsh we dined indoors, a small chic place with a bar look where the milkshakes and drinks are prepared instead, they also have a selfie wall how cool is that.


Brownie points from us for playing old school tracks that made the experience even more fun! Their menu was concise and to the point with sliders, mocktails and baos.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board

Watermelon Lemonade [AED 30]: Beautifully presented where you have to inject the watermelon syrup with pomegranate seeds into the lemonade with an injection. We loved the combination of both the fruits and it was really refreshing.

Passion Fruit Lemonade [AED 30]: Again it had the same presentation with the injection, we felt that the flavour was very light and the lemonade was too strong, otherwise it was the classic lemonade with the right balance of sweetness to it.

LS_Banoffee Shake

Banoffee Shake [AED 55]: A freakshake that was filling and good enough for sharing between three. You would go bananas after having it, such a treat for the heat.

LS_Orange Spritz

Orange Spritz [AED 35]: A citrus drink that was one of our favorites.

LS_Chocolate Indulgence

Chocolate Indulgence [AED 30]: The regular chocolate milkshake that had the a thick texture and sugar in it.



Torpedo Prawns [AED 35]: Panko crusted prawns that came along with sriracha mayo on the side. A great appetizer for those who love prawns.

Sweet Potato Fries [AED 25]: The fries come with truffle mayo on the side. Indulge yourself in a sweet and savory side best paired with the sliders.

Crumbed Camembert [AED 30]: When a bite of something cheesy makes your day, then this dish paired with cranberry sauce will be on your top of the to do list. A bit on the heavier side and filling.


Family Wheel: This was great for sharing. It included two portions of convent garden and fleet street fillet, and one of southern smoke, marinated grilled chicken and the duke.

LS_Covent Garden

Covent Garden [AED 40]: Green colored buns using spinach stuffed with vegetable rosti, cheddar cheese, lettuce, onion and tomato slice topped with tzatziki sauce. Gramworthy sliders with exquisite taste.

LS_Fleet Street Fillet

Fleet Street Fillet [AED 40]: Black color buns using squid ink with a concept of fish and chips but in a slider form made of battered cod. Recommended for all the seafood lovers.

Southern Smoke [AED 40]: Grilled chicken breast with honey mustard sauce, lettuce, tomato slice, red onion and avocado. Usually, we are not huge fans of avocado in our food but for these sliders we don’t mind having them again.

The Duke [AED 55]: A slider with wagyu beef, brie cheese, mushrooms, truffle oil, avocado, tomato slice topped with japanese mayo. Our favorite of the lot, then again we are biased with the beef burgers since they seem to blend well with all the flavors so well and the truffle just added a kick to the slider that made it taste amazing. You will not be ready to share this one.

Tofu Bao [AED 45]: Crispy fried tofu stuffed in a bao with mushrooms, veggies dressed in tonkatsu sauce. A vegetarian friendly option for your friends so everyone can have a great time.

Fried Chicken Bao [AED 45]: Fried chicken with in-house slaw, japanese mayo, red chili, spring onion and coriander. Crisp chicken in a pillow soft bao, don’t think we need to describe any further to tempt you guys.

LS_Spicy Beef Bao

Spicy Beef Bao [AED 45]: Slow cooked shreed beef brisket with kimchi, cucumber, crisp onions, red chilies, spring onion and coriander. It had a sweet and tangy tasted which we thoroughly enjoyed, loved how all the flavors of american and asian came together that made a delightful meal.

LS_Tiger Prawn Bao

Tiger Prawn Bao [AED 60]: Seasoned tiger prawns with in-house slaw, cucumbers, wasabi, red chilis, spring onion and coriander. For the spice and seafood enthusiasts, this would hold a lot of appeal considering the dynamite prawns, the fire with a blend of wasabi and chilis would be an add on.

PS ~ Both the sliders and baos come in pairs.


We had the manager explain the concept of the place, and all the staff was courteous and quick on their feet for whatever we needed.

Cash Outflow:

The prices were reasonable considering the location, quality, and portions being offered.


Circling Back:
We shall come for another round of those baos and sliders.

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