When your favorite cuisine includes everything indo-chinese, Gypsy Chinese is the place to go!

We ventured into the restaurant hub of Al Karama and headed straight to Gypsy Chinese to satiate some of our Chinese food cravings.

The restaurant has an imperial china theme with some lovely red furnishings which is a color of good luck in china. It also has a couple of on-theme ornaments and figurines adorning the walls. This helps set the whole Chinese inspired vibe while one enjoys some steaming hot Chinese food. They have cushioned booths as well as the usual dining tables. They also have large seating areas for bigger groups.

The menu has a nice little spice rating next to every dish which is helpful when you are not expecting something too spicy. The restaurant does get a little busy but despite that the ambiance is comfortable and relaxed.

Rating: 8.5 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board


Every table is served with a complimentary side of Kimchi which we loved because it was fresh and delicious! And they even provided some unique options for dipping sauces to pair our food with.


GC_Baby Crispy Corn

Baby Corn Spring Onion Hot Chilly [AED 32]: Battered fried crispy corn served with freshly diced onions and chilli. It was yummy, light and a delight to munch on.

GC_Steamed Wontons

Steamed Wontons [AED 31]: We were a little surprised with the presentation for this one. The steamed dumplings were served in a thick broth of delicious and creamy mushroom sauce with some notes of garlic. No complains about this. It’s delicious!

GC_Crispy Burnt Chili Chicken

Crispy Chilly Dry Red Chicken [AED 39]: The chicken was cooked and seasoned well. The spice game was strong which we really loved but the only let down would be the oil/grease content which we felt was a little too much.


Prawn Pepper Chilly [AED 56]: These were large prawns that are battered fried and well-seasoned with pepper. It was cooked to perfection and despite being fried, it felt really light which makes for a perfect starter.



Chicken Ming Fried Rice [AED 36]: With this one you get a good mix of veggies and chicken along with some flavorful rice. This item leans a little towards the spicy side but all in all delicious and definitely recommend trying this out.

Chicken Chilly Coriander Rice [AED 34]: Full of flavor and extremely aromatic. Again, the rice was cooked perfectly and while maintaining its low spice level it does give you a slight kick of spice after every bite which we love too. It complimented our gravy item well.

Chicken Burnt Chilly Gravy [AED 40]: A warm bowl of delicious diced pieces of chicken cooked in a savory coat of burnt chilly sauce. The portion size was just right and we’re glad there weren’t too many veggies added in. This one gets an A+ in our books, the flavors were spot on and the dish felt wholesome.


GC_Chocolate Mud Cake

Chocolate Mud Cake [AED 32]: We are soo coming back for this one! Best dessert we’ve had in a long time. The cake was so rich and moist, and the gooey chocolate center is indescribable! It was just amazing. Highly recommend trying this.

GC_Caramel Custard

Caramel Custard [AED 19]: We were a little disappointed with this one. Although it tasted delicious, we were expecting some sort of creativity in the flavor or the presentation which we felt was missing.

The restaurant was a little busy when last dined here due to which we’re assuming is the reason for a slight delay in service. Overall the server assigned to us was attentive and quite knowledge about the menu and suggestions to be made.

Cash Outflow:
The prices vary which being reasonable for some items and slightly pricey with some other items, but they are on Zomato Gold so don’t miss out on that benefit.


Circling Back:
We loved the food served here. Certainly, will be coming back with more friends and family.

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