Immerse yourself in a little piece of Tokyo at Taikun here in Downtown Dubai.

Located in one of the prime areas in Downtown, Dubai, Taikun isn’t that hard to miss. We were expecting to have a lovely Japanese brunch with a lot of sushi but once there we were offered an experience beyond our expectations.

The atmosphere inside is just amazing. Once you step in you already want to just relax and unwind. The reception has an authentic Asian set up with bamboo and wooden interiors and some lovely traditional ornaments. The best part about Taikun is that it entertains all kinds of seating preferences.

You have the terrace area, a lounge and not to forget the beautiful outdoor garden area. We would recommend the expansive garden area! It’s just so beautiful. The music is just perfect and complimented the whole vibe of the place.

For those thrill seekers out there, there is a sumo wrestling area too with costumes and a ring for an impromptu sumo wrestling match! How fun is that!

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board

We were welcomed with some lovely fresh and bright mimosas which was a perfect start to our perfect brunch.


Caiproska: Loved this cocktail. It’s a lovely blend of lime and vodka. It was fresh with a slight hint of sweetness.

Virgin Mojito: Perfectly made. Minty and refreshing, just the way we like it.


Taikun_Spicy Edamame

Steamed Edamame, the perfect snacking food. Seasoned with salt, it was simple but sometimes simple is the way to go.

Taikun_Tofu Buns

Tofu Buns – Our favorite among the snack options. The buns were so soft and the stuffing along with the teriyaki sauce was just delightful. Even though tofu isn’t our go-to option, but we truly enjoyed this dish.

Sweet corn Tempura and Duck Tacos – Both were really good starter options. Full of flavor and they tasted incredible!

Taikun_Crispy Squid

Crispy Squid – Another favorite snack! It was delicious with a hint of lime and the crispy game was on point!

Bottomless Sushi Bar and live stations: They’ve got fresh sashimi, nigiri, sushi, yakitori, wok stations and the list goes on. Whatever you want and how much ever you want, they have got it! All authentic flavors and all real and fresh ingredients. If this isn’t every sushi lover’s dream, then I don’t know what is. Oh, and they’ve got cotton candy too! I mean what do they don’t have, right?



BBQ Hoisin Chicken: We haven’t tried this sauce before but paired with the perfectly cooked pieces of chicken were a joy to eat. Absolutely delicious. Would recommend this dish.

Mapo Tofu: Like we said before we aren’t big fans of tofu so this one was a pass for us.

Chinese mushroom noodles were delicious! Earthly, flavorful and rich, these noodles are a must try. Vegetable thai curry was rich and wholesome with some traditional thai flavors.



Lemon Grass Crème Brulee and rainbow waffles: One of our favorite desserts till date. The creamy texture of the brulee was just amazing. A must try here at Taikun. The waffles were served with whipped cream and a drizzle of chocolate sauce which was yummy too!

Mochi Ice Cream: We were served a platter of assorted mochi ice cream which were a delightful combination of soft mochi dough filled with marvelously mouthwatering ice cream. We absolutely loved it!


In addition to the above we were also served a platter of fresh fruit which honestly was a refreshing end to a delicious and hearty meal.

The staff were warm and welcoming and quick on their feet. They were attentive to our every need and even had some great recommendations for newcomers. A special mention to Patrick for being such a hospitable host!

Cash Outflow:
The brunch experience here is right on the money with the price range being AED 255 for food and soft drinks and AED 399 for food with sparkling and house drinks. With all things considered, you’ve got yourself a great deal.


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