Creative flavors packed in a box at Prax’s!

We decided to try out something different from our usuals weekend routine and made our way to Prax’s.

Located in Iris Tower, Barsha, it has a decent seating space where you can chill with a group of friends and if you work around the area also its a great place to grab your lunch or dinner.


Since, the concept and the whole lifestyle in Dubai is of being on the run, Prax makes a great part of your life where you just mix and match your favorites and you’re ready to take your meal along with you, doesn’t that sound like a wonderful thing.

The name Prax’s came with the owner’s daughter initial name Prakriti and add to that the chopsticks and there was the creation of this beautiful venture. The staff here tries to come up with something out of the box to add it into those boxes you keep consuming, pretty tough you say but thats what they excel at.

Another lovely thing we thought was about how their recipes are nailed to a T so you will not be worried about trying something one day and not finding it the very same the next time you visit, because consistency is a belief that is highly regarded at Prax. So you will get your delicious meal the way it is every time you visit. So we are looking forward to trying out more woks soon.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board

Chicken Wings [AED 22]: The wings were completely covered in the sauce and were tender and juicy just how the greasy grub should be leaving you licking your fingers.

Praxs_Japanese Chicken Sliders

Japanese Chicken Sliders [AED 16]: A new concept introduced to keep the pan asian theme in form. We would say it was a great idea just did not match our expectations but that’s okay as to each they have their own taste. The sliders were made with rice cakes used as buns with a fried chicken layered with a lettuce and the sauce. The rice cakes were a little greasy, and we would have preferred to go with the usual buns and some more addition to the sauce and ingredients for the sliders. Kudos to the team for the concept overall.

Free Style Wok [AED 36]: We decided to go with a base of egg noodles, picked chicken for the protein and paired it with the chili basil sauce that would tantalize our taste buds topped with mushrooms, snow peas, roasted peanuts and baby corn. We customized it to be hot and oh what a meal it was, just what we were craving a delish spicy affair.

The peanut satay sauce got us intrigued and we will definitely come back for a round two for it since this time we shall add some chicken and it just might be our new favorite thing in town.

We had Alwyn explain us the concept of Prax and gave us a little backstory of the place with some future ventures coming up so definitely something more to look forward to.


Cash Outflow:
The prices are reasonable for the quality of food being offered.

Circling Back:
We are definitely coming back to try more combinations of the wok because consider us hooked.

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