Get plucked into the world of sliders and burgers at Bite Me Burger Co!


We were invited to the Launch of their newly opened outlet at Gate Avenue, DIFC, Dubai. They’ve got burgers, min-burgers, cones and shakes so its pretty evident that we were super excited to try this place out.


Since we were invited for the launch, the place was buzzing with energy. They had some great music in the background and the staff was cordial and friendly.
The seating has a diner sort of vibe to it. They have got the classic red cushioned seating area and a center round table which is perfect for large gatherings of family and/or friends. There was a spacious outdoor seating as well.

The ceiling is filled with burger tops lighting which we found quite on-theme with the brand. They even got photo-ops inside for some pictures before/during/after your meal.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board:

Drink: We went for a Classic Oreo Milkshake [AED 28] that complemented the burgers well. The shake was a regular chocolate flavored drink with good texture.


Mini Burgers

BM_Trio Sliders

Classic American Bite: An all american classic burger with a grilled beef patty, cheese, ketchup and mustard. We’re a sucker for classics and this one was YUM!

The BC (Bacon Cheese): Who doesn’t love bacon and cheese? This one had our favorite trio – Cheese, bacon along with fried onions and we couldn’t ask for more. The size of these minis are small but boy, do they pack a punch.

Pluck Me: For those who cannot live without fried chicken then this would be your favorite a buttermilk fried chicken with yuzu mayo some lettuce and few slices of pickles. We are not huge fans of pickle so that kind of put us off with the taste, keeping that aside it was a delish mini burger.

BM_Vegetarian Slider

Vegetari Anne: This burger consisted of a portobello mushroom patty. The Portobello mushroom was fried properly and wasn’t too hard to bite into though a little seasoning would be great; whilst the garlic mayo was way too overpowering that you could barely even taste the brie cheese and mushroom patty.

BM_Vegan ME

Vegan Me: The patty was made out of chickpeas and was a little on the drier side but was seasoned well. It was like a falafel Sandwich made into a burger. Tasted pretty decent!


Fowl Play [AED 44]: Being huge fans of Korean cuisine we could not resist trying out how the fusion would taste in a burger. There are two options available fried buttermilk or grilled chicken and we got ourselves the fried chicken. The burger was topped with kimchi and BBQ sauce. The buttermilk and BBQ didn’t get complement each other but then thats just us, so we would suggest going with the grilled chicken and BBQ sauce would be a killer one.

BM_Holy Pluck Chicken Waffle

Holy Pluck Chicken Cone [AED 35]: Not one of our favorites today. We just didn’t enjoy the whole chicken in a cone concept but maybe that is just us. The cone gets quite soft/soggy so you have to eat it quickly. The chicken was nice and the sauce was good.


BM_Buttermilk Chicken Wings

Buttermilk Chicken Wings [AED 33]: These fried chicken wings were deep fried to golden brown perfection. They were juicy, crispy and crunchy. We just wished there was a little more seasoning but nonetheless it paired perfectly with the BBQ sauce.

Fries [AED18/24]: Perfectly golden and crisp, these fries were served HOT! We loved how fresh they were and as you know with fries the fresher they are the better they taste and the ones here were delicious!



The staff were really friendly and made us feel so comfortable. The service was quick and we received every item within the reasonable time. Plus points for the excellent service.

Cash Outflow:

The mini burgers come with an option of getting them in a range of duos(2), trios(3) up to 24 mini burgers with reasonable prices. The full size burgers are aptly priced as well. Overall for the taste and quality, the food here is worth the buck.

Circling Back:

We loved the food served here. Certainly, will be coming back with more friends and family.

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