A theme park for kids and the adults who want to enjoy like kids. If you are planning to going or live inΒ  Abu Dhabi, Yas Waterworld is a must visit specially with the temperatures soaring, its the best time to get tanned and enjoy the rides or just lounge and relax whatever the plan, the park covers it all.

The theme park is created keeping in mind the fable of “The Legend of the Lost Pearl”. The park beautifully showcases the story of Dana finding the massive lost pearl through different zones of the park including some amazing rides that are spread over an area of 42 acres which is plenty to keep you occupied the whole day.

Cabana Tour

There is a cabana experience starting from 4-6 people with a price of AED 349 and can accommodate a larger group depending on the number of people you have along with you. The cabana comes with the beach chairs, towels, a freezer stocked with fruits and water. Also, there is a locker available, and a butler at your service.


There are over 40 rides, few of them are as follows:


Yehal: A starter pack to get the kids warmed up for those thrilling rides ahead. It includes three slides and a dumping bucket in the middle to get splashed!

Yadi Yas: Get ready for a bumpy and exhilariating experience with the crazy river as the pulse wave will have you soaring to heights on your tube, so you need to hold on tight and buckle up for the adventure.

Cinesplash: Re-live the story of Dana and her expedition of retreiving the lost pearl in 5D. It was a memorable experience with special effects and water being erupted until your knees, sounds tempting right, you need to see it to believe it my friend.

Bandit Bomber: No one might have seen this coming, roller coaster in a waterpark, no way right but yes here at Yas Waterworld it is a reality where you can revel in the Middle East’s longest roller coaster.


Dawwama: A high intensity ride that involves a group of six people starting with a summit height and worming your way through a 20 meter high tornado funnel.

Al Raha River: Leave all your worries behind and be lazy for a day whilst rafting through the grotto of the river.

Lunch at Dana’s Diner & Chubby’s Kitchen

Despite the surge in our energy level due to the excitement of being here, we were just as easily depleted of it after a couple of rides.
And what’s a better way to restore ourselves other than munching on some delicious food.

At Dana’s World, you can find a wide variety of diner style food options along with some healthy options and of course some Italian dishes as well whereas at chubby’s kitchen you’re offered the same and a lot more varieties in terms of cuisines like Indian and Asian dishes.


Some of the items we got to try and recommend you to try as well are:


Fries and Masala Fries: Hot, crunchy and golden in color. These fries were perfect! The masala fries has an indian spice mix added to it which we found it safe for those who aren’t keen in spicy food.

Mozzarella Sticks [AED 26]: These sticks honestly gave us cheese pull goals! And to top that they are so yummy.

Mac and Cheese [AED 30]: They came in the form of croquette stuffed with Mac and cheese. So good as well! Loved the flavour and its cheesy goodness.

Hummus and Bread sticks [AED 30]: A little disappointed with this one. The bread sticks were strips of Arabic flatbread and the Hummus was a little off in taste.


Spicy BBQ Wings [AED 65]: Juicy chunks of chicken coated with BBQ and black pepper sauce that gave a delish sweet and spicy combo.



Vegetarian and Margarita Pizza [AED 70]: Served to us with a trailing aroma of freshly baked goodness. These pizzas were the best! We didn’t expect them to be so good. The sauce is delicious and the toppings are all fresh. Portion size is perfect for sharing. Definitely recommend getting their pizza

Fish N Chips [AED 65]: Two generous portions of fish Strips with a lovely golden colour indicating a perfect fry. It was well seasoned and pretty light to snack on before heading back into the pool.


Chicken Burger [AED 65]: A massive burger with chicken breast grilled to perfection topped with bbq sauce, fresh lettuce and cheese.


Beef Wok: A black pepper and BBQ sauce combination with tender slices of beef served with broccoli, carrots and bell peppers.



Carrot Cake [AED 32]: This was a pleasure to eat. Loved the cinnamon notes in the cake and the light layer on frosting in top. It was super moist and tasted fabulous!

Chocolate Fudge Cake [AED 32]: Dense, rich and one of the best chocolate cakes we’ve had. It might be a little heavy to consume especially in a Waterpark but it’s so worth it!

Then it was time to say goodbye to this fun place. You shouldn’t miss out on coming to Yas Waterworld with your friends and family over the weekdays or weekends! We will be abolutely coming back again for all the fun we had together. It was a memorable day spent along with Hemangi.

PS – Her POV is coming out on her blog soon! The link will be shared later.

Rates & Offers

Resident Offer: Buy 4 Tickets at the price of 3 (Regular – AED 250, Discounted – 187.5 per person) Note: Must be purchased one day in advance and a requires a valid Emirates ID.

National Day Offer: Show your national ID and get a ticket for AED 95. Valid for Kuwait, Philippines, India, Saudia Arabia, Oman, and Bahrain.


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