It is our responsibility to support the restaurant industry in such tough times and all it takes is a collective effort from the community by ordering directly through the restaurant to save these places post the pandemic. Few weeks back it was Easter and instead of cooking our usual ritual home food, we decided to order something Italian from Broccoli Pizza & Pasta to celebrate it.

The delivery was carried out meticulously by following all the measures required and the food was well sealed in the boxes and given to us carefully whilst maintaining the sanitary protocols in place for restaurants.

Rating: 8 Golden Nuggets
Bite Board:

Smoky chicken wings [AED 15]: Although you only get 4 pieces here, they tasted good and had a lovely char as well . It was slightly greasy though. Just a heads-up.

Oven baked chicken tenders [AED 15]: We preferred these over the regular nuggets. No grease, perfect juicy chunks of chicken and simply delicious overall.

Oven baked chicken nuggets [AED 15]: Not really pleased with this as they tasted exactly like the frozen nuggets you get at the store. Would give this a pass.


BPP_Spaghetti Bolognese

Spaghetti Bolognese [AED 31]: We loved the Bolognese sauce. It tasted delicious with a slight spicy kick to it. Only thing we would have wished was if there was more sauce as the pasta was a little dry but other than that no complaints here.

Chicken BBQ pizza [AED 42]:We love BBQ pizza but we were so disappointed with this one because they added a layer of sliced capsicum beneath the cheese which BBQ pizzas do not usually have. We’re not a fan of capsicum and didn’t expect them in the pizza so giving this a pass.

Meat lovers pizza [AED 23]: Our favorite among the pizzas ordered. The toppings of Pepperoni and meat sausages with no veggies whatsoever is an immediate favourite. We got a thin crust for this and devoured this with no regrets.

BPP_Spicy Ranch Pizza

Spicy ranch pizza [AED 23]: Even though this was topped with a few slices of capsicum, they were easily removed. We liked the overall flavour and loved the spicy kick. Good amount of chicken and jalapeños. This one was definitely a hit.

Chicken Dynamite pizza [AED 42]: Not what we expected and the Dynamite sauce was so sweet and not the spicy tangy sauce we expected. It’s topped with generous pieces of chicken which we appreciated though.

Overall, we enjoyed the food and would recommend ordering during the weekends or when the hunger pangs arise.

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