By now, our secret must have definitely been exposed. We are sugar-crazed souls, always on the lookout for our next fix, be it a Kitkat or a spoonful of Nutella after lunch. The obsession just doesn’t stop at chocolate, we have discovered new flavors and are equally berserk with them, you need to keep reading to find out what the top 3 dessert gems in Sharjah.

In these tough times, supporting local businesses is key we are sharing, the three favorites that we religiously purchase from, and definitely recommend.

Time to reveal those gems in 3,2,1…

Fairmont Cafe

Our top pick is Fairmont Cafe for their Pistachio Milk Cake. It is reasonably priced at AED 20 and a total winner. Recently, we were introduced to pistachio, and our addiction knows no boundaries when it comes to one of our favorite desserts.

Five Star Restaurant

Five Star Restaurant_ Saffron Milk Cake

Another restaurant that feeds our milk cake obsession is “Five Star Restaurant” who serves a divine saffron flavor for AED 25. The cake is a super moist vanilla sponge cake. It is topped with whipped cream and generously drowned with enough milk that could melt hearts away.


Italiere_Saffron Milk Cake

Saving the best for the last is indeed a treasure. It is an Italian restaurant that might not have been explored by a lot of foodies, located in the University city of Sharjah.

Italiere serves one of the best pizzas and desserts, might we dare to say. You name it and they got it. You’ll find everything from freshly made gelatos to something that always weakens our hearts. Yeah, you got it right a milk cake [AED 30.45]. They have a variety of flavors from the classic vanilla to rose and saffron.

So here is the trailer of our favorites. If any places were not part of this list, drop your comments below. We would love to check them out and share it with the community. These are similar people like us who cannot live a day without some sweetness in their lives.

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