Have you ever been in one of those moods, where your heart wants something closer to home, but the stomach is calling out for some Indo-Chinese? Just us? Well, regardless if you have or haven’t experienced those mood swings, Grubshack Express is the place to visit.

They’ve your close to home cravings sorted with some delicious Goan classics as well as the stomach cravings with some finger-lickin’ Indo-Chinese items.

We got our food delivered to our home in Sharjah. But for the Dubai folks, fret not cause they have a branch in Dubai too. Then you can take your pick whether you want to dine in, grab a takeaway, or have home delivery.

Rating: 10 Golden Nuggets

Bite Board

GE_Double Decker Chicken

GS Double Decker Chicken [AED 36]: Honestly, this one is for those who want it all. You get rice, noodles, and gravy all in one dish! And of course, everything is delicious. You get to mix and match with your choice of proteins. Be it chicken or prawn or both. It is a perfect way to opt for the best of both worlds.

GE_Beef Bhuna Ghost

Bombay Style Beef Bhuna Ghost [AED 35]: To any of our Mumbaikar readers out there, this dish will bring back memories. The chunks of beef were so tender, you could tell that they’ve been slowly cooked for a while to get that texture, and the masala was bang on perfection! Yum yum! Can’t wait to try this again.

Tandoori Chicken [AED 45]: Tender, juicy, and deliciously marinated chunks of chicken. Perfectly cooked in a tandoor, this one has got us drooling for more all over again. We honestly could not find a fault in this dish. This was perfection on the plate.

Stir Fry Drums of Heaven [AED 35 – 8pcs]: Yumm! Words cannot honestly describe how good this was. They were juicy and flavorful, but what separates this from your typical drumsticks is that after frying, they’re coated once again in a delicious sauce. You cannot help but lick your fingers after.

GS Bar Fried Rice Chicken [AED 26]: A perfect side dish to go along with any of their delicious gravies or can survive as a solo dish as well.

GE_Chicken Wontons

Chicken Wontons [AED 22 – 8pcs]: These were absolutely delicious. The chicken was well seasoned, and you get a good portion in every wonton. A great starter option to indulge in while you wait for those delicious mains to arrive.

Cash Outflow:
They are well within budget for the quantity being provided. Also, they have some deals when ordering online on Zomato or Deliveroo. So do check them out, and don’t forget to avail the offers too.


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