Hello! We’re Gabriella and Vanessa, two finance geeks that at first would never pass for a food photographer, delicious food enthusiast and amateur cooks! But that’s roughly who we both are and what our blog The Scrumptious Scavengers represent.

It all started back in 2016 when a casual office desk conversation about common interests sparked an intense discussion from cameras to flatlays and starting our very own Instagram page.

We started from rock bottom and climbed our way up by toning our craft, mingling with our bloggers because of which we’ve made wonderful memories along the way cause that’s what food blogging means to us. Food brings people together and when there’s good food to share there’s always lots of love and laughter spread as well! 

Sometimes we tend to lose ourselves especially with the pressure from social media and we aren’t going to lie there’s a lot of hard-work and commitment involved and of course lack of motivation too. But since we’re a duo we can always rely on the other for a motivational push during the low periods and thanks to those ups and downs we’ve grown so much from reviewing food to food photography and now venturing into food styling.

In our little corner of the internet you can drool over our temptatious food shots, you can find heartfelt restaurant reviews, travel recommendations, event experiences and quick recipes that are extremely easy (being amateur cooks ourselves) and delicious.

We believe the best memories are made around a table with everyone enjoying delicious food and those are the ones that last forever. So we do hope you can try out our recipe and do stop by our page and let us know what’s a favourite on your dining table?